Cloud Management in Strategic Focus: USU Joins the FinOps Foundation

USU Software AG, a leading international provider in the fields of IT and Knowledge Management, announces its membership in the prestigious FinOps Foundation. Effective immediately, USU is officially part of the global community dedicated to optimizing cloud financial management through best practices, education, and standards.

FinOps is a management practice that merges the areas of Finance and Development Operations (DevOps) to optimize the financial performance of cloud infrastructures. The central importance of FinOps arises from the rapid growth and increasing complexity of cloud services, often leading to inefficient resource use and inflated costs.

With its broadly established solutions for IT service management including financial management, the USU Software Asset Management portfolio and USU IT Monitoring, USU has powerful products and many years of expertise to help companies effectively master the future challenges associated with FinOps. The new USU Cloud Cost Management service was launched in 2023, providing companies with a precise overview of their cloud resources and usage, helps avoid overcapacity, and allows for real-time analyses for optimal resource allocation.

"The strategic focus on the FinOps framework reflects our ambition to co-shape the de-facto standard and contribute actively as a thought leader to the advancement of FinOps practices. Our goal is to support our customers with the latest insights, solutions, and best practices," explains Christopher Brune, FinOps Lead at USU.

USU will be attending Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt from May 22-23, 2024, the FinOps X conference in San Diego on June 19-22, 2024, and FinOps X Europe in Barcelona from November 11-14. These events offer USU the ideal platform for exchanging ideas with leading FinOps experts and discussing the future of cloud cost optimization.