New Industry Trade Association: Aspera Joins the ITAM Forum

Aspera, the world's leading provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and services, and part of the USU Group, has joined the industry trade association, the ITAM Forum. The association’s goal is to gather the ITAM industry under a single professional body and to help organizations save money, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the association hopes to improve the reputation and help increase awareness of the ITAM industry and to create a space for ITAM leaders to work together. Johannes Biesing, Business Unit Leader at Aspera, will be one of the vendor representatives on the board of the ITAM Forum, in order to provide a vendor-neutral view of all Software Asset Management solutions providers.

An intermediate goal of the ITAM Forum is the creation of a new certification program for ITAM solutions, one that’s based on the global ISO norm for the ITAM industry – ISO 19770. Until now there hasn’t been a formally recognized process for certifying organizations according to ISO 19770. The ITAM Forum intends to become the industry association responsible for supporting and shaping this certification process.

According to Johannes Biesing, “For 20 years, Aspera has been a pioneer in creation of Software Asset Management systems and has been responsible for setting the standards for the industry. Because of the increased importance of IT and software for the competitiveness of modern enterprises, it is now imperative that these assets are professionally managed. By supporting the ITAM Forum, Aspera hopes to improve the recognition of the importance of our branch as well as the ISO 19770 standard. Simultaneously, we want to help create a platform that supports the trustworthy exchange of best practices in handling IT assets.”