New USU solution for hybrid cloud management available

Transparency and cost efficiency in complex hybrid IT environments

USU has developed an integrated, scalable platform for efficient controlling and management in complex hybrid IT infrastructures. USU Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) provides a end-to-end view for the optimal planning, coordination, monitoring, charging and controlling of various cloud resources and IT services across the board. The HCM solution ideally supplements USU’s customer service and IT management portfolio and is available to customers now. Interested parties can get a good overview of the tool's capabilities through an on-demand webinar series or by attending a roadshow appointment.

Skyrocketing cloud costs are the biggest challenge to companies when operating state-of-the-art cloud computing environments. The cause is often the uncontrolled proliferation of cloud resources. The result is a lack of transparency and control, which frequently leads to violations of governance rules and significantly increases the risk of non-compliance. USU Hybrid Cloud Management supports companies in operating complex IT infrastructures with the help of the following functions:

  • Cloud CMDB is a central information hub providing an overview of all cloud resources and their allocation to business services and cost centers.
  • Cloud Cost Management integrates budgets, produces analyses, pinpoints unutilized resources and thus handles end-to-end cost controlling and optimization.
  • Cloud License Management delivers transparency of the software licenses purchased and used at any time. This minimizes license costs and risks as well thanks to integrated compliance checking.
  • Cloud Governance Management creates a uniform, multi-provider structure for allocating cloud resources to cost centers, business services, organizational structures and responsibilities.
  • The Cloud Status Overview allows you to monitor the utilization and availability of all cloud resources and the associated business services.

"With our new USU Hybrid Cloud Management solution, we help companies to manage their cloud environment efficiently and realize high savings potential. Our SaaS offering is being continuously developed. This means our solution is ideally suited to the future challenges in cloud management, says Peter Stanjeck," Senior Vice President at USU.