USU among Top 4 Providers in Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” Report

Based on the results of the latest “Voice of the Customer of IT Service Management Platforms” report, Gartner Peer Insights rates USU as a “strong performer” with its portfolio of solutions. With a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, USU achieved a top position compared to 16 of the world’s leading manufacturers in the overall assessment of IT service management (ITSM). USU was the only German provider listed.

“Voice of the Customer” is a report based on the aggregated ratings of Gartner Peer Insights in a market to provide an overall perspective for IT decision-makers. This aggregated peer perspective, along with the individual detailed ratings, supplements the studies prepared by experts such as Magic Quadrants and Market Guides. It can play a key role in companies’ buying processes because it focuses on the direct experiences of peers with purchasing, implementing, and operating a solution.

Only providers that have 20 or more qualified published ratings during the specified 18-month submission period are included. The assessment criteria are the performance of the product, experiences with sales and with the implementation and launch of the software, and the support services.

The high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are also reflected in the two most-recent ratings from the beginning of 2023, for example:

“It is a good software program with a wide range of functions that can be adapted in detail to the company’s circumstances.”

“All in all, we are very satisfied with USU ITSM because it is highly flexible and has great automation potential, but also requires a lot of knowledge to implement and maintain everything, which is what we want.”

“We are pleased with the differentiated and once again very positive customer feedback on the renowned Gartner Peer Insights customer ratings portal. This provides us with authentic information on where we stand in comparison to our main competitors,” says Peter Stanjeck, Senior Vice President of USU.