USU gains French software group as customer for software license management

A global software company (“the customer”) headquartered in France has chosen USU’s solution and expertise for the group-wide implementation of software asset management (SAM). The customer wants to automate its currently largely manual SAM processes and optimize the costs of its wide range of software assets, while also ensuring compliance with third-party providers’ licensing rules. The master agreement has an initial volume of over EUR 1 million and a term of up to 5 years.

In a comprehensive proof of concept (POC), USU impressed the customer with the performance of its overall solution in practical implementation and won out against well-known competitors. It could also supply positive customer testimonials from successfully implemented projects in France.

The modules for USU License Management, USU Discovery, and USU Oracle Optimization will be used, as well as other components such as the license management catalog and USU customers’ knowledge platform. SAM activities will focus on compliance and cost-effective use of the major providers Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft and VMWare.

“We are delighted to be taking on this exciting project and to have gained the trust of another CAC 40 customer as a strategic solution partner. As such, we are starting off the current fiscal year with positive momentum” says Eléonore Varet, Managing Director of USU SAS.