USU Group striving towards a carbon neutral footprint

USU Software AG is proud to announce its successful achievement of a carbon neutral footprint for its electricity and fuel consumption in Europe for 2019. Together with partner First Climate, the relevant emissions were recorded and calculated across the various office locations and the offset via the purchase of climate protection certificates, or carbon offsets. These certificates support a wind power project in Turkey that also offers additional environmental, social and economic value and is certified in accordance with the highest qualitative project standard, the Gold Standard. The climate certificate is an important part of USU's commitment to successively minimizing its environmental footprint through a wide range of activities for greater sustainability.

793 tons of CO2 equivalents - that is the amount of emissions generated by the USU Group's electricity and fuel consumption in 2019. The evaluation also revealed further optimization potential for the future, e.g. via reducing the use of paper in the office and for business trips. USU decided to support the certified climate protection project "Yuntdag Wind Farm" north of Izmir on the Aegean coast of Turkey. 17 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts, help avoid annual greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of coal-fired electricity amounting to 115,000 tons of CO2. There are also many tangible benefits for local population and the environment.

"We, too, operate in the area of tension between profitable growth and social responsibility. This year's Focus Deutschland Test study, for example, attests to the fact that we keep an eye on both, calculating the highest "social value" for us within our industry. We intend to continue our commitment to sustainability in the coming years. Climate neutrality is an important building block in this regard," says USU Management Board member Dr. Benjamin Strehl.