USU Offers Managed Service for Cloud Cost Optimization

With the dynamically increasing usage of cloud resources, the ability to use these cost-effectively is becoming a major challenge. Recent studies from market analysts such as Gartner show that about 80 percent of companies are significantly overspending. Effective cloud cost management can save up to 40 percent of infrastructure costs. For this reason, USU experts have developed a new Cloud Cost Management Service based on established USU solutions. This offers organizations and their FinOps teams user-friendly cost reporting for complex multi-cloud environments from AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

USU will present its service and solution portfolio for IT management at two international industry events: the ITAM Review Conference "ITAM & FinOps: How to Win Big" on September 12, 2023, in Las Vegas, and The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ from November 6-9 in Barcelona. Further information and a demo on Cloud Cost Management are available on the USU website.

With the "Cloud Cost Management" service, USU supports companies in gaining transparency and minimizing financial risks by displaying the costs, usage, and utilization of Compute and Database Cloud Services. The licensing requirements for operating systems and database licenses not covered by the cloud providers' pay-as-you-go model are also displayed.

FinOps teams need these consolidated insights to better manage their cloud environment, monitor costs, and plan their investments. By combining data discovery technologies and managed services, USU automates data collection, monitoring, evaluation, and ongoing reporting. While USU takes care of all the technical details and ongoing management, the customer can focus on the results to derive strategic measures and create corresponding added value.

"Based on experience, the ROI in the area of Cloud Cost Management is just a matter of months. For example, solely by identifying unused compute instances in Azure, we were able to achieve immediate savings of up to 22 percent for our clients," says Rebecca Horton, Managing Director & Business Lead at USU