USU wins international software company Bigtincan as a new customer for Knowledge Management

Bigtincan, whose sales enablement automation platform helps their customers deliver “The Buying Experience of the Future” will use the complete USU Knowledge Management solution to drive improved communication and efficiency.

To optimize internal and external knowledge transfer, global software company Bigtincan will be using the USU Knowledge Management solution going forward. The aim is to improve communication between internal teams such as Customer Service, Customer Success, Product Management, and Sales across different product lines and channels and to enable the smooth exchange of multimedia content. Bigtincan also aims to provide a self-service hub for customers to improve the accessibility of relevant support content.

“We are inspired by Bigtincan’s mission of helping the world’s leading brands automate sales content management, training, coaching, document creation, and buyer interaction into a single digital experience. With USU’s robust Knowledge Management solution, we look forward to seeing them streamline processes and create a single source-of-truth for all company knowledge,” says Mel Passarelli, President & CEO of USU Solutions, Inc.

USU was recognized by Bigtincan as the "best-of-breed solution" after an extensive evaluation. The decisive factors in purchasing the USU Knowledge Management solution are functional depth, integration capability, and scalability of the end-to-end Knowledge Management solution. In addition to the flexible, modular user interface and support for editorial workflows and complex taxonomies, experience in international projects was also an important criterion for the decision in favor of USU. Finally, with USU’s reporting module, the company will have complete visibility into all aspects of the system, enabling stakeholders to continuously improve the content and workflows.

"We are delighted for this opportunity to support another Knowledge Management project and are convinced that the customer-facing teams at Bigtincan will be able to do their work more productively, efficiently, and effectively in the future," says USU Managing Director Sven Kolb.