USU wins major IT financial management contract

A multinational technology and services corporation has selected the USU Valuemation product line as part of strategically realigning its IT department as a service organization. The company, which has core operating areas in automotive and consumer goods as well as in industrial and building technologies, is using Valuemation for portfolio management and planning, calculating and billing IT services. The overall value of the framework agreement, including licensing, maintenance and service, amounts to a seven-figure sum. The project started at the beginning of August.

The goal is to enable the company-wide planning, evaluating and controlling of IT’s consolidated financial data and flow of costs. Valuemation replaces two older systems and provides a future basis for portfolio management that includes the controlling of IT investments, projects and activities as well as for planning, calculating, billing, reporting and analyzing. IT’s transparency and speed is to be improved in line with a high level of automation and standardization. An important milestone in the initial phase of the project is implementing new product and service structures and gathering actual costs from all relevant ERP systems capturing them in the new structure.

“We’re really pleased to have the opportunity to comprehensively support the company’s complex international IT controlling processes and, in the process, build a bridge between the technical and commercial worlds,” says Roland Schuch, authorized representative and business unit manager at USU GmbH. “After the project is successfully implemented, there’s also potential in the midterm to automate additional processes along the value service chain.”

Following an extensive evaluation and decision-making process involving several providers, various workshops, show cases and an in-depth proof of concept using demo systems, Valuemation won over the 20-person project team as the right choice. Crucial factors in the decision included the breadth and depth of the USU software’s functionality as well as its modular structure, uniform user interface, performance and integratability. The option to use Valuemation as a flexible development platform for individual enhancements proved to be a compelling point, too. Also tipping the scales in favor of USU was the company’s longstanding expertise on similar complex projects and its strong customer focus.