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What is Oracle License Management?

Oracle license management takes over the administration of Oracle licenses, evaluates your compliance positions and ensures compliance with Oracle license regulations. In addition, it determines the actual license requirements and identifies existing optimization potential.

Oracle license optimization with automated analysis & reporting

Use the Oracle License Management Tool to make sure you reduce your Oracle licensing costs. USU Software Asset Management can provide a simple overview of your Oracle licenses and ensure your licenses are compliant. Our Oracle license management service uses data collection methods verified by Oracle and provides precise analyzes with all required details and intelligent reports.

This information will help you identify the most cost-effective Oracle license model for you. The Oracle license management software provides you with transparent details regarding your Oracle licenses and maintenance costs. It is a great tool for your Oracle license review planning as you confidently prepare for audits.

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USU Software Asset Management - Oracle Optimization

Oracle License Management benefits

50 % savings on Oracle licensing

200 k servers covered

Data you can trust for audits and true-ups

USU’s Oracle license management solution uses reliable data. Oracle has verified that it matches the data of their own tools. As the information regarding your database, database options, and management packs is verified, it is reliable for software audits or true-ups.

By using our discovery solution, USU Software Asset Management knows how to find your Oracle data, and most importantly, how to interpret it. It’s a great alternative to installing License Management Services (LMS) measurement tools, and you can produce the reports required for a ULA certification declaration.

Oracle Verified Badge Java

Oracle-verified for Java software data retrieval

Oracle verifies the completeness of all data collected by USU Software Asset Management for purposes of recognizing Java software.

Oracle Verified badge Database

Oracle-verified for Oracle Database data

Oracle verifies the completeness of the data collected by our Oracle License Management for the recognition of Oracle Database & Database Options products.

Oracle Verified Badge Middleware

Oracle-verified for Oracle Middleware data

Oracle certifies the completeness of data collected for recognizing Oracle Fusion Middleware products by USU Software Asset Management.

Oracle Optimization Certification

ITAM Review’s Oracle Database Certification

The independent analyst confirms that our Oracle Software Asset Management meets the certification standards for the management of Oracle database licenses.

Oracle Optimization & Compliance

How do you know if your Oracle environment is compliant? One of the biggest challenges of Oracle Optimization is the calculation of license deviations for processor metrics, core factors and virtualization configurations.

USU Software Asset Management knows every rule. Our Oracle SAM analyzes complex situations and conducts detailed calculations for core factors and virtualization dependencies. So, you'll know exactly which licenses need to be optimized, even in the largest and most complex Oracle environments.

Detailed software data

Shows detailed information about database options, packages, and usage so you know why a software license is needed.

Metrics and rules

Covers all Oracle licensing models, metrics, licensing rules, and rule updates — including complex VM partitioning.

All licenses in one place

Consolidates and manages all your Oracle contracts in a single, detailed database for a unified view.

Consideration of complex situations

Get analysis on false positives, Solaris containers, VMware with versions, AIX LPAR, and HP-UX virtualization.

Inclusion of entire environment

Maintain complete cost control by keeping a careful eye on every detail: databases, middleware, and Java.

Cost-reducing measures

You can detect and downgrade databases, reduce maintenance costs by CSIs, and deactivate accidental activations.

Manage your Java licenses

As Oracle now requires licenses for certain Java functions, you should know whether these functions are subject to licensing. Our Oracle SAM analyzes your IT environment in detail and identifies all Java products you use. Oracle Asset Management analyzes versions, editions, and reasons for activation - important factors for compliance. You will then receive a report detailing your Java usage, existing licenses, and any licenses you may still need.

Supported by Oracle services & experts

Our in-house Oracle experts provide customized Oracle licensing help tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We stay up to date on the latest developments and changes at Oracle so that our Oracle SAM is always current - developed by a team of Oracle insiders under the direction of our lead developer, who worked at Oracle for 22 years.


What do you need Oracle for?

Oracle is used for database management, enterprise applications and cloud services. It is widely used for storing, managing, and retrieving large amounts of data.

What are Oracle licenses?

Oracle licenses are permits that allow companies to legally use Oracle software. They also ensure Oracle license compliance by companies.

How much does an Oracle license cost?

The costs vary depending on the Oracle license, they start at $400.

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