USU Service Risk Manager (SERM)

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Manage the risks of your IT operations proactively

Within the USU Service Management product suite, the USU Service Risk Manager module enables the tool-supported processing of all tasks for the holistic management of risks for the operation of your business services.

Easy recording and evaluation of risks

The Service Risk Manager enables the management of risks for business services defined in the CMDB. Each risk is evaluated based on the probability of occurrence, the impact and the probability of interruption for the service. The Service Risk Manager uses this information to determine the so-called risk priority number (RPN), which quantifies the risk. The RPN can then be reduced by defining risk-minimizing measures.

A risk catalog for the ISO 27001 series of standards is already included in the delivery status.


Risks are recorded, linked and evaluated on the basis of services (without media disruptions)
More transparency of risks relating to services, service components and assets
Risk Management by Design not by Control or Accident
Utilization of the CMDB for recording and evaluating risks and managing measures