IT Financial Management

Plan, deliver, and manage your IT services with ease

Take control of your IT service costs!

Is your company like many businesses and doesn’t know or only partially knows how much your IT services cost? Is your company increasingly using cloud resources and then facing the daunting challenge of transparently charging monthly costs within the organization and following the cost-by-cause principle?

Our IT Financial Management supports you with your IT cost planning, IT budgeting, and IT controlling both on-premises and in the cloud. Let the software do the work for you: Calculating, planning, controlling, charging, and optimizing all your IT costs.


Not using IT Financial Management is like a pilot flying with his or her eyes closed.

Fritz Kleiner, CEO Futureways

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IT Budgeting: Save time planning costs

Let this feature help you plan your IT budget for the coming fiscal year along with coordinating with everyone involved in the planning process. Use the tool to directly manage cost centers, cost units, personnel costs, depreciation items, and costs tied up in existing contracts or automatically transfer them from your ERP system. Map different plan scenarios by saving and comparing several budget plans with each other.

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IT Calculation: Determine service unit costs the easy way

Rely on the calculation feature to determine your IT services’ unit costs on the basis of purchase quantities, budgets, and service models from the service design. You show your service customers exactly which items comprise the service costs and create a solid basis for cost benchmarking. Use this solution to: ​​​​​

  • Determine resources, including hardware, software, personnel, external services
  • Calculate service costs on the basis of the planned/actual budget and the service models
  • Determine pricing models and net income accounts
  • Simulate scenarios for possible future budget deviations
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IT Controlling: Keep an eye on current costs

View actual costs and make periodic adjustments in IT Financial Management using our software solution’s controlling feature that:

  • Calculates current ongoing costs
  • Compares planned costs and actual costs
  • Prepares forecasts and periodic cost-plan adjustments for rolling planning
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IT Service Cost Allocation: Charge IT services how they’re used

Charge IT services according to planned or actual consumption with this feature, which retrieved the cost, price, and consumption data from the service catalog or imports it from external systems. The features give you access to standard collectors for a variety of sources such as host, databases, ERP systems, telephony, and cloud providers. Adapt the allocation process to your individual model — from a simple allocation method using a service flat rate to complex consumption-based service charges. Our solution calculates:

  • Actual service consumption by the respective business units or customers
  • Service costs per service and per business unit or customer
  • Bill of IT — proof of performance and reporting for the individual areas
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