Oracle Optimization

Lower your Oracle license costs & contracts with verified data

Optimize Oracle licenses with automatic analysis & reporting

Ensure that you pay the lowest price for Oracle software licensing. USU Software Asset Management simplifies your Oracle environment’s complexity and ensures your licenses are compliant. This dedicated solution uses Oracle-verified discovery data to deliver a thorough analysis with accurate details and smart reporting.

You get the insights that help you pay the lowest price for Oracle licensing. Know the details of your Oracle contracts and maintenance costs, and confidently prepare for audits and reviews.

Oracle Optimization

YouΒ΄ll benefit by

Savings on Oracle licensing


Get an β€œoracle” for compliance & optimization

How do you know if your Oracle environment is compliant? A big challenge is calculating the license variations such as processor metrics, core factors, and virtualization configurations.

That’s why USU Software Asset Management knows every rule. Our Oracle solution analyzes complex situations and runs detailed calculations for core factors and virtualization dependencies. You’ll know exactly which licenses you need to optimize even the largest, most complex Oracle ecosystems.

Delivers deep software details

Shows detailed information about database options, packages, and usage so you know why a software license is needed.

Knows every metric and rule

Covers all Oracle licensing models, metrics, licensing rules, and rule updates β€” including complex VM partitioning.

Shows all contracts together

Consolidates and manages all your Oracle contracts in a single, detailed database for a unified view.

Considers complex situations

Get analysis on false positives, Solaris containers, VMware with versions, AIX LPAR, and HP-UX virtualization.

Extends across your entire environment

Maintain complete cost control by keeping a careful eye on every detail: databases, middleware, and Java.

Decides cost-saving actions

You can detect and downgrade databases, reduce maintenance costs by CSIs, and deactivate accidental activations.

Detect and manage your Java licenses

Oracle now requires licenses for some Java features, so whether you must pay or not is an important question. Our Oracle solution dives deep into your IT environment to detect all your Java products. It analyzes their version, edition, and activation cause β€” all crucial indicators for compliance. Then you get a straightforward report showing your Java usage and purchases, and the licenses you need to fill that gap.

Supported by Oracle services & experts

Our in-house Oracle specialists tailor their services to your licensing and contracts needs. We keep on top of what Oracle is doing, so our Oracle solution is always accurate. Built by a team of Oracle insiders, and led by our chief developer who worked at Oracle for 22 years.

ITAM - Certification Oracle Database Licenses

USU Software Asset Management for Oracle Database Licenses has been awarded The ITAM Review's presitigous certification.


The Complete Guide to Software Audit Defense

Beat your next audit! Being unprepared for a software license compliance audit drains resources for months and often ends with a hefty penalty bill.

TEIβ„’ of USU Software Asset Management Solution

Before implementing a new technology, you want to know if the investment is worth it. That’s why USU commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the ROI of USU SaaS Optimization solutions. The customer they studied experienced a risk-adjusted ROI of 383% with payback in less than 6 months.

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