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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the Booster of Efficiency and Quality

With AI, rigid rules are a thing of the past. Thanks to its ability to learn from the past in a similar way to humans, the software automatically adapts to changing conditions. Moreover, it can analyze huge amounts of data in seconds. As a result, AI can support you far more effectively.

Benefit from AI with USU Solutions

AI only provides optimal assistance if the use case and technology are an exact match. That's why we have developed customized AI modules for our USU solutions. These are fully configured, field-tested and perform their tasks reliably in the background. With USU solutions, you automatically benefit from the advantages of AI-based software.

AI-based software creates measurable success in practice

30 % improved efficiency

10 x faster service processes

40 % higher customer satisfaction

AI in IT Service Management

AI in IT Service Management

Whether it's fault messages, orders, change tickets, etc. - IT service management generates a great deal of data every day. The application potential of AI is therefore equally as large. It can be used, for example, to automatically classify incoming tickets, assign them correctly, identify the causes of faults, find suitable solutions and proactively detect previously unknown errors.
KI in IT Monitoring

AI in IT Monitoring

For seamless monitoring of your IT, a multitude of measurement data (events) from numerous monitoring and systems management sources must be analyzed. In real time. AI can play to its strengths here: it identifies real problems, sorts out false alarms and detects impending failures in time.
Software Asset Management

AI in Software Asset Management

Up-to-date software usage data is the linchpin of effective license management. For this purpose, inventory tools collect a large amount of raw data. They have to be analyzed and a complete list of software products has to be generated from them. This refinement process involves a great deal of manual effort. It can be done faster, qualitatively better and automatically with AI.
AI in Knowledge Management

AI in Knowledge Management

Identifying current knowledge requirements and providing the necessary content in a targeted manner - AI methods make this much more efficient than manual analyses or rule-based processes. This is because AI recognizes image content, interprets voice or text input from a chatbot user and automatically finds the appropriate answer. And the highlight: AI can also take action itself and initiate transactions on its own.

White Paper: AI-Powered IT Service Management

AI in IT service management is no longer a pioneering project - it has arrived in the real world. Learn more about it in this whitepaper.