Cloud Management

Cloud Management - Putting you back in control

Black Box IT? With clear advantages in cost, flexibility and speed, the number of cloud services in enterprises is exploding. However, with the speed of this change, two things are quickly falling by the wayside - namely transparency and control. Cloud management returns both to you.
USU Cloud Management

USU Puts You in Control

A high degree of automation is crucial when it comes to managing the multitude of cloud services in a holistic and cost-transparent manner. USU provides a modular product suite that gives you complete control – regardless of which cloud services, which cloud type and which cloud provider you use.

Cloud management increases transparency and reduces costs

95 % Budget security

70 % Less cloud waste

30 % Lower licensing costs

Cloud Service Management

Cloud Service Management

That control starts as soon as you order cloud services. Standardized service catalogs and approval procedures ensure compliance with your cloud governance. Automated provisioning via Infrastructure-as-Code ensures error-free deployment and configuration of the desired cloud services.
USU Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud Cost Management

Proliferation and exploding cloud costs are the biggest practical problems. Create transparency: Automated discovery processes discover all the cloud resources you're paying for. Costs are automatically assigned to the correct cost center and owners, while forecasts protect you against unwelcome surprises. All valuable information for Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE) and FinOps teams.
Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of your cloud-based applications,
seamless monitoring of all infrastructure components involved is essential. AI-based algorithms analyze monitored metrics, generate early warning signals, start corrective processes and thus ensure the highest possible uptime.
Cloud License Management

Cloud License Management

Are you aware of which SaaS applications are being used in your company? Are you sure you're not paying for unused or overly expensive SaaS accounts? Do you want to know what software costs you can save when using IaaS/PaaS services through bring-your-own-licenses (BYOL)? Find out all of this with the help of a cloud license management solution.

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