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USU Hybrid Cloud Management

Transparency for your cloud management

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, many businesses are turning to multiple cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud to deploy their infrastructure and applications.

While the flexible use of these platforms offers significant advantages, it also presents a complex and dynamic management challenge. This is especially true when cloud services are distributed across multiple service providers in public and private clouds. USU Hybrid Cloud Management provides a single, integrated solution for managing these resources efficiently. With USU, operations teams, FinOps teams, and Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE) have an indispensable tool to ensure complete transparency and effective management of their multi-cloud infrastructures.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Overview

Optimize your cloud resources

70 % more cloud spend if there is no plan for cost management

30 % cloud budgets go to unused resources

37 % savings on license costs by buying instead of renting

USU Hybrid Cloud Management as a complete solution for your hybrid IT environment

Create transparency about your cloud usage with USU Hybrid Cloud Management. Whether SaaS, PaaS or IaaS - we help you with managing your hybrid cloud environment, keeping an eye on costs and deploying your resources effectively. Get an overview of all the features of our hybrid cloud management platform:

Cloud CMDB

Get an overview of your cloud resources and service structures

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USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud CMDB

Cloud Cost Management

Compare actual and planned costs and use forecasts

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Cloud License Management

Ensure compliance and optimize your license costs

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USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud License Management

Cloud Governance Management

Monitor your cloud policies

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USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Governance

Cloud Status Overview

Keep an eye on the status of your cloud services

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USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Status Overview

Your benefits when using USU Hybrid Cloud Management

Create transparency

Manage complex multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructures with just one tool and a consolidated overall view.

Reduce costs

Maintain cost control over all cloud services. Identify cloud resources that you are not actively using, but which are generating costs.

Leverage trending

Based on your actual cloud costs, get a forecast for the fiscal year. This allows you to make informed business decisions.

Increase availability

Increase the availability of your cloud-based business services through an integrated monitoring and early warning system.

Check Compliance

Get an overview of your current license inventory and learn if you are currently over- or under-licensed.

Improve cloud governance

Identify unauthorized cloud services and ensure that cloud usage always complies with your policies.

These functions support you in operating cost-efficient Cloud Management

Create transparency about cloud resources with the cloud CMDB

The cloud CMDB is the central point of contact for information about cloud resources. It is created by reading all resource data via the cloud providers' web interfaces. This gives you an inventory of your booked IaaS and PaaS cloud resources. In addition, cloud resources are allocated to your business services, service components and cost centers. The service structure is generated automatically based on the read-in data.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud CMDB

Cloud cost management uncovers optimization potentials

Cost control only works efficiently if budget plans are transferred directly to a central cloud cost management system. The USU Hybrid Cloud Management Tool makes this possible. It gives you consolidated ACTUAL/PLANNED analyses for your cloud resources and their associated business services.

Get a comprehensive view as a cloud cost manager with the fiscal year forecast. By integrating it with your ERP system, you can automate cloud cost billing. It also shows whether cloud resources remain unused even though they are active and incur costs. So, you can not only monitor your cloud costs, but also optimize them.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Cost Management

Cloud license management provides a compliance overview

Cloud license management gives you a transparent overview of installed and utilized software in your hybrid IT infrastructure. With the integrated compliance check, you know immediately whether you are under- or over-licensed. In this way, USU Hybrid Cloud Management Software can help you reduce not only your costs, but also your risks regarding possible compliance violations.

License management also identifies your installed software by software type and cloud provider. To identify possible cost savings, installations with availability and use of BYOL licenses are displayed. With the help of cloud license management, you can identify your potential savings and avoid unnecessary costs.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud License Management

Cloud governance management provides support with deviation reports

Your IT governance benefits from the integrated and vendor-independent tagging mechanism in the USU Hybrid Cloud Management Tool. It enables a unified mapping structure of cloud resources to your cost centers, business services and organizational structures. Deviation reports also give you an overview of all resources with invalid or missing tags. This allows you to constantly ensure compliance with your cloud governance management policies and rules.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Governance

The Cloud Status Overview as an Early Warning System

The cloud status gives you a quick overview of the utilization and availability of your cloud resources and associated business services. Define thresholds, for example based on your SLA contracts, and receive automatic alerts when they are exceeded or deviate from the plan. In addition, detailed monitoring dashboards are provided for root cause analysis. Reduce downtime risks and operate your hybrid cloud environment proactively.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Status Overview

Use integrated cloud connectors for cross-vendor management of your hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud management platform gives you a real-time, total view of your cloud IT infrastructure. Use our cloud connectors for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and gain a full overview of your cloud resources, such as compute instances, disks, storage and database services.

We also offer standard connectors for integrating SaaS applications, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365, into USU Hybrid Cloud Management.

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