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How knowledge management can streamline your customer service
USU Knowledge Management for Manufacturing

Make Your Company's Skills Shortage a Problem of the Past

Skills shortages in manufacturing are like those stubborn nuts and bolts you can't quite reach. And making sure your customer service team has the right knowledge? That's a puzzle that can leave even the pros scratching their heads.

Fear not, Knowledge Management is here to help.

Imagine this: A world where your manufacturing workflow isn't limited by skill gaps, and your customer service team is supplied with answers that could make Google jealous. Welcome to the world of USU Knowledge Management.

Through the USU Knowledge Management solution, manufacturing companies have found the perfect platform to keep their information current, correct, individual and digital. Here’s how.

Shorter Training Time

Shorter training & onboarding

Knowledge Center

One-stop shop for all things manufacturing data - parts, services, repairs, you name it

Automated troubleshooting that turns hiccups into history

Agent Assistance

Expert backup for your frontline

Continual service improvement that reflects your reality

Market based content and approvals

Custom-tailored content and approvals for the real world

We understand the challenges of delivering customer service to manufacturers worldwide

Don't take our word for it. Watch this short video and find out how USU Knowledge Management supports the automotive industry.

USU Knowledge Management: Boosting Brilliance Across Industries

Let's talk challenges. Organizations today are juggling more curveballs than a pro pitcher. And guess what's got everyone turned upside down? It's the data tornado—swirling with duplicates, bottom-of-the-barrel quality, and info that's just plain wrong.

But here's the truth: USU Knowledge Management can turn chaos to seamless functionality. Think of it as the ultimate info oracle—it gathers all your wisdom into one rock-solid hub, polishes it up with quality checks and sends it out to every corner of your world.

USU Knowledge Management Helps You

  1. Declutter your data chaos and say goodbye to duplicates and outdated intel

  2. Slash routine questions with smart self-service added right into your KM world

  3. Present consistent excellence across every channel

  4. Remove software islands—our Knowledge Management merges right in

Knowledge Management to Solve Business Challenges

Benefits of Knowledge Management

Organizations with KM benefit from a range of KPI improvements in customer service, including:

Higher First Call Resolution Rate

Faster search, centralized from a single source of truth and decision trees result in more calls solved the first time.

Shorter Handling Times

With predictive search, interactive trouble shootings and integrated systems, agents resolve issues faster.

Shorter Training & Onboarding

With built-in e-learning, agents learn in the system they’ll use on the job, reducing onboarding and training time.

Provide Easy International Support

Easily manage market-specific and multilingual content ensuring all versions stay synced while allowing for different approvals and content for each market.

Simpler Channel Management

A single source of truth lets you maintain content in only one place, while still delivering it to multiple channels simultaneously.

Continual Service Improvement

Use analytics to identify which issues to prioritize for self-service, discover trending problems, identify content gaps and more.

Case Studies in Action: Tailored Excellence

Manufacturing isn't just a single puzzle—it's like a room full of them. Each sector, each challenge is unique. That's where knowledge management steps in, the ultimate puzzle master. You will have a 360-degree view of your customers and their needs, all thanks to agile integrations.


A woman wearing a helmet smiling in a production hall with a tablet in her hand.
  • Easily share support data directly with distributors, dealers and more
  • Timely decision-making through market-based approvals to ensure content is accurate and approved for each specific market with its relevant regulations


USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Dealers
  • Enhanced product knowledge through decision trees and chatbots
  • Consistent customer support by keeping information and troubleshooting guides up to date


A person uses their smart phone app to control the coffee machine to make a coffee.
  • Self-service solutions through personalized omnichannel service 24/7
  • Empowered decision making by offering a centralized hub of reliable information

Mechanical Engineers

USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Mechanics
  • Efficient problem solving with automated decision trees for troubleshooting error codes which provide concrete next steps to take and/or the solution
  • Continuous learning through updated information, training materials and industry trends
  • Offline knowledge base for full access even without internet access

Road-side assistance at top level

Manufacturing extends to many industries which is why USU Knowledge Management is made to assist in each individual use-case. To showcase the power of knowledge management, we demonstrate through the example of Volkswagen’s global road-side assistance program.

No matter whether you get a flat tire, have a breakdown or an accident, immediate help is just a button push away. Over 3,000 automated decision trees map out all possible scenarios to support VW’s global assistance program to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with quality-assured individual solutions.

Together with our customer Volkswagen, we have taken Road Side Assistance to the next level. Watch how in the short video below.


Volkswagen’s Global Roadside Assistance Program

See Volkswagen's Roadside Assistance in Action

The Biggest Names in Manufacturing use USU

USU has delivered knowledge management solutions to the manufacturing industry for over two decades. We’re proud to count companies around the globe as our clients.

Learn how USU can help you solve your business challenges


By operationalizing Achsdiagnose (axis diagnostics), we are able to carry out quality control in production much more efficiently and thus process a larger quantity of machines while maintaining consistently high quality. Word of our success has spread quickly and currently 9 production plants plus 5 Service Competence Centers are connected to USU's analytics platform.

Martin Schober, Product Owner Achsdiagnose

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