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Features USU KM

That's why we are the best solution:

✓ Intuitive and fast access to knowledge for everyone

  • AI-based virtual assistant (KAI)
  • Single-Source-of-Truth
  • Multichannel playout
  • Use-case based interfaces
  • Role-based access

✓ Support for diverse knowledge formats

  • Atomized knowledge
  • Different content types (tooltips, conditional documents, news, etc.) and templates
  • Integration of various media (videos, images, etc.)
  • Guided dialogs
  • Graphical decision trees
  • E-Learning: training und tests

✓ Simple knowledge editing

  • Configurable, AI-supported workflows
  • Versioning and historization
  • Comment and feedback function
  • Multilingualism
  • Market or topic-specific variants
  • Readability scoring
  • Link checker
  • Evaluations

✓ System integration

  • Use in process systems (CRM or ticket systems)
  • Integration via Web API
  • Document export
  • Connection to digital voice assistants

✓ Available as

  • SaaS
  • On Premise
  • Hosting


Export documents to HTML, PDF or XML

Delivery on premises

Delivery Cloud


Active editor in the form of knowledge blocks

Market-specific content release

(Simple) assignment of co-editor rights

Auditable Knowledge

Integration of content types/ content modules

(Simple) content playout to different channels

Opt. self-service integration

Connection to digital voice assistants

Opt. chatbot integration

Service agent


Customizable user interface (by drag & drop)

Self-learning, AI-assisted search

Knowledge graph (based search)

Agent Assist

Guided dialogs

E-Learning: Training and tests

E-tests for possibility of IDD certification

Advanced searchability/ search filters

Template creation

Document version comparison

Troubleshooting Guide


Predefined industry knowledge

Mobile app

Service agent + Editor

Comment & feedback function

Graphical decision tree

USU Knowledge Management Highlight Modules

Use-case based user interfaces

As a customer service agent, it is crucial to find information quickly. A customizable user interface helps to structure the topics and get an overview.

That's why USU Knowledge Management allows you to flexibly compile user interfaces using drag & drop with modules such as search window, results display, filter options, navigation tree, news, pinned documents

Decision trees

Guided dialogs lead users step-by-step through the process with a series of questions. The progress and diagnosis are tracked in the system and can be automatically transferred to other systems, e.g. your CRM and ticketing system such as Salesforce, so agents no longer need to log all the steps they have taken.


The e-learning module uses the content of the USU platform for effective knowledge transfer and in-company training. With the help of the knowledge base, trainers can create tests and quizzes for the induction of new employees or to teach guidelines. Detailed evaluations of the test results help to identify knowledge gaps at an early stage and determine additional training requirements.

Knowledge Management Analytics

Analyze your KM system at the touch of a button. Thanks to a variety of standard reports and the ability to create new reports via drag & drop, you can gain valuable insights into query trends, search performance, content gaps and much more. Best of all, this applies to all channels covered by your knowledge base, not just your agents.

Medienserver Knowledge Tube

Modern content is multimedia and consists of more than just text. We offer a dedicated streaming server to host large files such as videos, images, PDFs or ISO files and make them available to your knowledge base. This means you avoid system slowdowns as your content grows and don't have to rely on third party hosting such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Self-Service Modules Widget

Knowledge First is a widget on your website that automatically delivers relevant knowledge based on user activity. The content comes from your knowledge base, which allows customer service to add information without having to make changes to the website.

Help Center

The Help Center makes life easier for customers and agents through intuitive self-service on your website and other applications. This reduces recurring queries, as the website is supplied directly with selected content from the knowledge base.


The chatbot can be integrated into your website, app or intranet. The information basis is USU Knowledge Management, so no additional maintenance or updates are required. Any number of chatbots can be merged in the Chatbot Universe and customers are offered a first-class user experience thanks to the simple integration of ChatGPT .

What doesn't fit is made to fit - individual customer projects

With USU Knowledge Management, we do not offer a pure standard solution. Instead, we offer a standardized basis that can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements. Over the years, we have implemented numerous customized product enhancements, such as

  • Integration in external measurement procedures to automate guided dialogs
  • Expansion of content to include structured data in order to be able to search for metadata such as machine type number, customer group or similar data
  • Integration into email management, websites, chat systems or chatbots
  • Special versioning processes
  • Automated translation processes
  • Migration procedures for content from legacy systems

Become part of the USU community

One component of USU Knowledge Management is the Knowledge Community. In our online KnowledgeHub forum you can exchange information with other users on the implementation or application of USU Knowledge Management. In the community you will find...

  • The Info Center – with best practices, use cases, release notes, FAQs and technical documentation
  • The Help Community – for worldwide networking of users from other companies
  • The Market Place – with integration modules and services from the partner network
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