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The cloud is the future of your software. You get easy access to essential apps for your business, save time on deployment and installation, and never worry about your business outgrowing your software. But if you don’t keep your subscriptions under control, those happy clouds can quickly turn into budget overruns.

USU Software Asset Management gives a complete overview of your cloud environment with options for instant cost optimization. Our solution pulls robust, relevant data directly from your favorite SaaS products such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Your benefits

Save up to 30%

Lower your costs up to 30% for licenses and subscriptions

Get deep data insights

Use real-time usage data for strategic purchase decisions

See the whole SaaS picture

Manage all your major SaaS providers on a single solution

Case Study: Over $10.2 million in benefits from cloud management

Before implementing a new solution, you want to know if the investment is worth it. That’s why USU commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the ROI of USU Software Asset Management. See how a large global life sciences organization found benefits of over $10.2M using our cloud spend management solution.

Selected features

Real-time analysis

Create fast, reliable reporting

Options for license changes

Easily optimize cost and usage

Software cost allocation

Make good business decisions on your SaaS subscription

Automated subscription management

Meet your business needs by tailoring processes and notifications

Integrated connectors

Directly connect to the provider’s APIs

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Best 3 ways to save on SaaS subscriptions

You want total insight into your SaaS environment to manage your investment. From the USU solution dashboard, you can monitor usage and storage limits, customize workflows, and re-harvest unused licences. Here’s how it works:

1. Use what you pay for

It’s good business to avoid paying for subscriptions and services you don’t use. Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity hotspots, and monitor unexpected consumption and over-limit charges.

2. Reduce your subscription costs

Avoid unnecessary purchasing with features like automatically reusing subscriptions. You can also monitor compliance metrics like maximum storage space and indirect access when integrating with other business applications.

3. Know who’s using your apps

Keep your environment secure and your costs low by always knowing who has access to your cloud applications. This lets you manage your subscriptions and eliminate unauthorized access.

Instant cloud reporting that drives business value

Go beyond simple usage overviews to reliable reports that reflect your changing business needs. Want to monitor your company’s footprint without a lot of effort? Our solution shows you detailed usage so you can make business-driven decisions about your cloud subscriptions.

Downgrade reports

Get real-time analysis for more cost-efficient licenses in your library.

Service reports

See which services are used and how they affect your overall costs

Optimization reports

Find all your cost reduction and contract savings opportunities.

Activity logs

Get a full overview of account activity, including account deactivations and alert emails.

Gone is the confusing reporting cycle we had in the past. Now I can access high-quality data at the touch of a key. Comparing manual management of SaaS licenses with USU SaaS Optimization is like comparing a bicycle to an airplane.
Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of Software Asset Management, Novartis

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