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USU Software Asset Management

Optimize costs and minimize risks in your IT portfolio

Create added value in your IT with USU Software Asset Management

Budgets and cost savings are at the heart of every corporate strategy. SAM efficiently helps to keep software costs under control through proven SAM technologies and professional services from a single source.

IT visibility, license optimization, audit preparation and much more - USU Software Asset Management is a market-leading SAM solution that creates fast and measurable added value.

Take a closer look at the USU solution and find out how our dashboards and detailed evaluations can provide strategic decision-making support.

SAM Tools Comparison

Check out why our solution is superior to most other competitors in areas such as:

  • Data Integration
  • SaaS Cloud
  • Compliance Optimization
  • Operations Automation
SAM Tools Comparison USU vs. Flexera vs. Servicenow vs. Snow

Accountable Business Values

$ 10 B overall costs saved

50 % lower audit response

98 % customer retention

License Management

Made for organizations with many employees and data centers around the world

Use a strategic solution to manage software costs and risks, and benefit from 30% savings in license costs and 100% ROI within 6-12 months.

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USU Software Asset Management - License Management


Get full IT visibility across your entire IT estate

By deep scanning and collecting inventory data from physical and virtual devices we show you the big picture for the “Big Five” like IBM, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft, and cloud hyperscalers such and Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud.

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USU Software Asset Management - Discovery

SaaS Optimization

We bring your SaaS subscription costs under control

Get an instant overview of your enterprise SaaS and cloud environment and better manage your favorite SaaS products such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, and Salesforce.

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USU Software Asset Management - SaaS Optimization

Oracle Optimization

Benefit from data you can trust for audits and true-ups

Our Oracle-verified solution knows how to find your Oracle data and how to interpret it. Processor metrics, core factors, and virtualization configurations can be tricky, but we know every rule.

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USU Software Asset Management - Oracle Optimization

Optimization for SAP

Unfold the full potential of your SAP system

From Digital Access, S/4HANA migration to Rise with SAP, our tool together with our SAP Managed Services make sure you smoothly navigate the SAP multiverse while ensuring compliance and cost transparency.

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USU Software Asset Management - SAP Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize your PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and IT hybrid costs

We get you the right tools to develop an effective cloud management process to avoid fines and fees for accidentally consuming too much.

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USU Software Asset Management - Cloud Cost Management as a Service

Professional Services

Software Asset Management is more than plug and play

Gain value from Managed Services backed by our SAM tools and in-house consultants to maximize your ROI — a unique combination in the market that focusses on customer success.

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USU Software Asset Management - Professional Services

Happy Customers


Turkey’s leading telecommunication operator reaps the rewards from SAM:

  • High ROI: Savings of more than 10 times the cost of the entire SAM project.
  • Today, 3 audit requests require 6 working days vs 100 days previously.
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A global wholesaler needed IT visibility and vulnerability data about software and hardware devices across 30 countries. Thanks to SAM, Metro benefits from:

  • Full view of over 100,000 IT devices.
  • Cost savings and optimized software licenses for SAP, Office 365, IBM and Oracle.
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USU - How to apply

Annual SAP audits and an increase of applications caused high, partly manual efforts. Thanks to SAM, the company:

  • Has a clear view of the entire SAP portfolio and can manage demand of 12,000 SAP users.
  • Is enabled to make better business decisions concerning license usage.
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USU Software Asset Management offers market-proven features to solve transparency and compliance needs in the most efficient way. Our solution allows customers to manage software costs and risks, covering all the important vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, and accurately calculating complex metrics for on-premises servers, public or hybrid cloud, clients and mobile.

Open system architecture

We connect to all system and application data sources with ease and can import, share and
transform data from all formats.

Flexible data collection

Our solution allows two methods for gathering data: agent and remote technologies to get the best coverage and supplementary results.

Powerful data management

We produce software data that is fully reliable for license calculations, made possible through powerful normalization and reconciliation processes.

Virtual & cloud discovery

We manage cloud and infrastructure by pulling all related data for licensing, consumption, and users. “Right-sizing” makes sure you are licensing or subscribing to meet your true needs.

Unlimited SaaS Discovery

We provide a centralized overview of the SaaS environment helping to track and manage unapproved (shadow IT) or unplanned SaaS consumption.

Bullet-proof compliance

We precisely calculate the compliance for each software product by assessing the metrics and vendor rules for usage. Results can be displayed by personalized dashboards.

Budget optimization

Our technology provides a company-wide view of the finances required for license usage and compliance, designed to budget all software expenditures.

Data center visualization

We visualize complexity and costs of licensing for servers, clusters, and virtualization by simulation of “what if?” scenarios to find the most cost-effective ones.

License & SaaS reharvesting

Our solution provides fully automated reharvesting, which is a powerful way to monitor license and subscription usage and then optimize those costs.

Recognized by customers and analysts

Navigating SAP S/4HANA for Strategic Cost Management

This smart guide will help you to keep your S/4HANA migration on track.

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