USU Software License Management Solutions Receive ITAM Review Certification

USU, the world’s leading specialist in software asset management (SAM) solutions, has received the international recognized “Enterprise SaaS Management Certification” from ITAM Review for its SaaS management software. The solution for optimal management of SAP software licenses was also recertified for SAP license management.

ITAM Review is a leading analyst in the sector and provides a global community for IT asset management (ITAM), SAM and licensing experts. The certification confirms that USU SAM tools meet the highest product standards and complex companies’ requirements for comprehensive SAM. For the evaluation, areas such as real-world product capabilities were assessed by way of common applications by ITAM review analysts and customers who already use USU products in live environments.

Commenting on the issuing of the certificates, a group analyst at ITAM Review AJ Witt said: “This certification underscores the breadth of USU’s solutions for common SAM applications. USU’s SAP license management product is well established and many improvements have been made since certification in 2020. Until now, USU had standalone solutions for managing SaaS providers such as Salesforce, but the new SaaS management functions in USU software asset management now use their data-driven solution approach for a far broader range of SaaS providers. This module is closely integrated into other USU SAM products and allows companies to manage hybrid portfolios in one place. I was particularly impressed by how quickly the SaaS tool was developed and customer testimonials say that USU is highly responsive to customers’ requirements and suggestions. This is something we hear time and time again when we speak to USU customers and it reflects the integrated “tool plus service” approach.

“We are delighted that ITAM Review has certified our SaaS and SAP management functions. With modern IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, our SAM suite can manage all software, regardless of whether this is an on-premises, client-less SaaS or hybrid solution. Our tool plus services approach is particular suitable for managing SAP portfolios thanks to the complexity of SAP licensing. Both our SaaS and our SAP tools provide outstanding value added and return on investment within just a few months,” said Olaf Diehl, Director of Product Management at USU.