USU Self-Service Management Improve your services with automated digital workflows


Automate your Services with USU Self-Service Solutions

The bar for customer service has never been higher and your customers and employees expect exponentially more today. This means solving their own issues quickly, without phone calls or shoulder taps. Your customers and employees want a simple, flexible solution for their requests — delivered on-demand, where and when they need it.

USU’s Self-Service Management solutions enable you to automate your company’s service workflows and empower your customers and employees:

  • To easily access information
  • Quickly submit service requests
  • Perform routine tasks such as form submissions, making reservations, and making bookings

Overview of USU Self-Service Management

Your benefits

50 % increase in productivity

20 % fewer IT tickets

40 % higher First Contact Resolution rate

USU Insights

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Next Generation Chatbots

Chatbots are getting better all the time. Forget the clunky bots of years past. The next generation of chatbots offer a new conceptual and technical framework which means new opportunities for you in customer service.

Automate and improve your services

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