Customer Self-Service Helping Customers Help Themselves

Self-help preferred!

Your customers want their questions answered, 24/7 and in their channel of choice. According to a study by Forrester Research, 72% of respondents prefer to look for solutions themselves instead of calling customer service. They usually search for information online, but conventional FAQs on websites are static, often outdated, and not tailored to the user’s immediate context. That means finding an answer involves too much searching when users prefer a direct option.

Increase Customer and Company Success with Self-service

Whether on your website or your software, USU’s intelligent Customer Self-Service solution guides your customers step-by-step to resolving their issues. Online self-service delivers precisely what users need — simply and quickly on any device. You’ll enjoy satisfied customers, increased brand loyalty and less churn.

Benefits of Customer Self-Service

For your company
  • Reduces your customer service’s workload thanks to fewer calls
  • Reduces customer service and support costs
  • Reduces common calls and tickets
  • Enhances customer retention and loyalty with improved interactions
For your customers
  • Dynamically delivers relevant information based on context
  • Faster results with intelligent search
  • Improved customer experience via easy UI
  • Ensures high quality and consistent service levels
  • Available 24/7

Selected features

Context-sensitive FAQs

Offers your customers direct help based on their activity

Multimedia content

Easily integrate different content formats — whether text, image, or video

Corporate branding

Customize the look and feel to match your corporate design and branding guidelines

Chat feature

Includes a chat tool for customers to quickly and easily ask questions if they can’t find a suitable solution


Easily integrates into existing systems as a SaaS or on-premises solution

Easily Integrate Self-Service into your Website

Easily integrate customer Self-Service into your website via a simple widget and code snippet, no changes to your website necessary. Use this feature to give your customer service team the independence they need to quickly respond to market and customer demands. If you prefer, set up our solution as a separate landing page or integrate it into your company’s existing website via iFrame.

Read customer stories
We chose USU because we were able to integrate the Customer Care Self-Service solution into our existing website very easily. That allows us to offer our customers the precise service information they need. If necessary, we can respond very quickly to the latest notifications and incidents. Customers are notified right away, which reduces our service center’s workload.”

Wolfgang Schneider, Software Engineer/Project Manager, Liwest Kabelmedien GmbH

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