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Your IT service desk is the central point of contact for users with technical problems and IT-related questions. Whether over the phone, in a ticket, via email, or through self-service: Users want a convenient way to solve their IT inquiries. But beyond speed and service quality, you want to achieve cost efficient IT services.

With our predictive Knowledge Management software, youโ€™ll get a purpose-built solution for your IT services. It provides your IT service desk team and end users with the right ITILยฎ-compliant expert knowledge needed to deliver quick, conclusive answers to their inquiries. Our Knowledge Management for IT software gives you the solution you need to comply with service level agreements, improve service quality, and reduce system downtime.

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How you benefit

First Contact Resolution Rate
less time needed for follow-ups 
fewer tickets

Selected features 

Dynamic search results

Get automatically generated overviews to intuitively find all relevant information about a subject so you quickly find the right document or correct response.

Deliver Everywhere 

Access and distribute the same knowledge across all relevant your key support channels โ€” your ticketing system, phone, email, and chat โ€” and optimized and formatted specifically for that channelโ€™s specific characteristics.

Cross-System Sharing

Benefit from streamlined processes: This feature automatically triggers a search for instructions and solution documents and transfers the information back to the ticket or sends it via email.


With the integrated e-learning tool, quickly and easily train your staff and inform employees about new content.

Multilingual Ready

Easily and clearly provide knowledge in the all necessary languages: Using country or market-specific market-release workflows, create content as uniformly as possible and yet as individually as needed.

Proactive Alerts

Send IT information to all affected users in a pop-up and significantly reduce IT service requests during incidents.

Integrate with IT Self Service and deflect more tickets using our easy integration

Serve users in the channel of their choice, boost efficiency and reduce incoming calls and tickets. Users find the right solution themselves โ€” without having to contact your IT help desk.

Our Chatbots

Chatbots guide users to solutions and even carry out the task themselves โ€” and improve service automation.

Our IT Self Service

Serves as a single point of contact for all IT issues such as service requests, incident reports, and searches.

How your stakeholders benefit from IT services

Service desk staff

  • The right information in the rightย  context delivered for each inquiry
  • Wizards interactively guide support staff
  • Innovative features help keep knowledge freshup-to-date
  • Intelligent references โ€” for example, to frequently used solutions
  • Feedback options


  • Quick and easy document creation using templates
  • Personal task area with automatic notifications
  • Less effort to maintain documents
  • Secure document archiving and versioning as well as secure recording of document historchange historyies


  • Predefined standard reports
  • Informative evaluations
  • Targeted service center controlling
  • Easily customizable to reflect your internal workflows and processes

End users

  • Quick and easy help in response to questions and problems
  • Support in their preferred channel: Knowledge available in the most convenient channel: website, social media, forums, and more
  • Streamlined ticket entry if a suitable answer isnโ€™t found
  • Web self-service
<strong>Service desk staff</strong>
End users

Quickly and easily integrate with your USU IT Service Management solution or existing system

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Due to the central role knowledge plays in IT services, we turned to using a professional tool from market leader USU. After all, our agents need a 360-degree supply of data and not just a view of incidents and service requests. This means having contextual access to all sources of knowledge like, for example, solution documents, manuals, and guides. 

Bastian Dieckmann, Managing Director, Vater BankIT GmbH

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