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Collect, clean and calculate your software inventory

From data center to cloud services, USU Software Asset Management gathers the essential data to calculate your software licenses. The software inventory tool collects, consolidates, and cleans your data, showing you the big picture for software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, and cloud services like Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud. Now you can harness the power of deep scanning and software inventory collection from physical and virtual devices across your entire network.

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USU Software Asset Management - Discovery

Top benefits of a discovery and inventory tool

Gathers your cloud data

Talks directly to your SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services to pull data about consumption and subscriptions

Discovers your data center

Whether it's 100 servers or 100,000 desktops, you get one integrated solution for all devices and systems

Easily scales with your IT

Specially designed and field-tested for big data centers and highly virtualized IT environments

Built for flexible and scalable integration

Your IT environment is constantly changing, so our solution is built to be flexible. USU Software Asset Management knows what data collection is essential for managing your software licenses. It changes along with your IT needs, always gathering all the details about product installations, operating systems, running services and hardware assets.

Our software inventory tool is closely integrated with our License Management solution, so you can quickly calculate what software products and cloud services are used, and if they’re being used correctly.

Successfully manage all scenarios

kinds of devices

Covers network stations, virtual servers, desktops, laptops, and hardware assets such as printers, scanners, and audio devices.

software assets

Gathers important details about your servers and software such as installations, versions, editions, and usage.

software vendors

Collects data about every vendor such as Oracle, Microsoft, Azure, SAP, IBM, Adobe, Amazon AWS, and VMware.

Designed for cloud discovery

Cloud services require special attention for data collection. You’re looking for data about how a vendor’s services are consumed, rather than if a vendor’s software is installed or running.

Is the cloud software owned by your company or rented under an agreement? Can you see past the network and security roadblocks? Do the cloud models let you bring your own licenses (BYOL) or allow a “hybrid” use of the cloud and on-premises? USU Software Asset Management gathers data for all of these scenarios and is closely integrated with our Cloud Cost Optimization solution.

Discovery & Inventory - Cloud Discovery

Finds all devices and details in your data center

USU Software Asset Management sets up and monitors its connections to all relevant sources, managing their data quality and handling every transformation.

Full range of data

Get details such as server name, host name, parent system, running services and open ports, and operating system.

Network scanning

Automatically scan your network with options that include picking the IP addresses and ports, or excluding IP ranges.

Server infrastructure

Get a full inventory of host, guest, and storage machines by connecting directly to Hypervisors or physical servers.

Consolidated unified data

Our solution compares data, removes duplicates, and identifies and eliminates errors – so you know the data is accurate and consistent.

Gathers virtual settings

Find all Virtual Machine (VM) details including virtual CPU count, capping, CPU pinning, partition mobility, and hosting machines.

Server details

See where to cut costs with server data and usage metering information such as CPU, RAM, and disk usage.

Scan fast or scan deep

Run a Quick Scan for fast results or a longer Advanced Scan for even more detail.

Agent or agentless

Stay flexible by using both agent and agentless connections to deliver complementary results for optimal coverage.

On-premises or cloud

Supports both perpetual and SaaS solutions, and works with your industry requirements and security concerns.

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