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USU Chatbot integrates ChatGPT

ChatGPT has attracted a lot of attention and is celebrated as an AI-based language model. Analysts, universities, journalists, marketers, and even students are using it to generate high-quality text. Yet, there are still shortcomings in the customer service space that become apparent upon closer inspection.

This is where USU comes in with its Chatbot Universe. It combines any number of specialized chatbots with ChatGPT. From an analyst's point of view, this has given USU a unique edge over the competition and made it the first company to create a ChatGPT application that meaningfully supports service and can be integrated into existing systems without effort.

But how can the USU solution improve customer service? What impact and can this revolution relieve or even replace customer service staff? replace them? Or does it perhaps make sense to continue to promote an interplay of human - machine interaction?

Create & manage multiple bots on one platform

Launch, manage and create multiple chatbots on a single platform. Create a team of specialized bots, each focused on one area with a concierge chatbot showing one face to the customer and accesses the knowledge of many expert bots.

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Automate better outcomes with chatbots

Speed and effectiveness

24/7 omnichannel availability

Excellent customer experience

Selected features

Solution Puzzle

Use-case Based Interfaces

Noone wants to have to search for frequently needed information or the latest news, they want to have it right at their fingertips. That’s why USU Knowledge Management allows you to flexibly compose user interfaces using drag & drop.

AI-powered Services that Make Sense

Our Chatbots draw on AI where it makes sense, not where it sounds good. This enables data-driven services to, for instance, recognize intent and much more.

Decision Trees

The dialogue designer links questions with solutions with predefined moderation that ensures users always get an answer, the right next-steps or are escalated to live help.

Unparalleled Editing Speed

Easily create and maintain content with a modern WYSIWYG editor and define where and how it is used.

Never Lose Sight of Your KPIs

Never stop improving with advanced analytics and reporting to monitor your KPIs and optimize performance. Our chatbots automatically recognize content gaps where new solutions are required.

Push Messages

With its integrated push function, our service chatbots help users by proactively sending notifications.

Chatbots can prequalify requests, fully process inquiries and carry out transactions, accelerating automation and higher efficiency.

Start Using Chatbots

How you benefit

60 % fewer standard inquiries

40 % increased automation

20 % cost reduction

A swiss army knife for service

Marketing and e-commerce

Chatbots Marketing & E-Commerce

Employ chatbots for lead generation as well as cross and upselling. They help prospective customers select the right products and proactively notify users of relevant news.

Customer service

Chatbots Customer Service

Customer service chatbots answer service questions quickly, personally, and around the clock. They prequalify requests and transfer users to agents at escalation points you define.

Human resources (HR)

Chatbobts Human Resources

Let chatbots assist your recruiting efforts and let them answer frequent internal HR questions about things like vacation and training. Chatbots can quickly deliver answers to applicants and employees alike about a wide range of HR topics.

IT services

Chatbots IT Service

Chatbots for IT service can both help users find the solution to their issue and even solve it for them. Interactive troubleshooting guides walk users through step-by-step identifying and fixing their issues, all with a a few clicks and fewer tickets.

Three steps to your chatbot

1. Implement bot and connect systems

Activate your chatbot with just one click. Countless integration options let you seamlessly embed the solution into your existing system landscape. Create a holistic customer experience by connecting a live chat with a complex inquiry to a service agent or existing 3rd party chatbots. No need to reinvent the wheel.

2. Create responses and dialogs

Leverage existing templates or set up a completely new chatbot in just a few minutes. You create content in the central editing system where you can draw on graphical support to easily model dialogues that lead users to a solution rather than just provide an answer. And should it turn out that the chatbot doesn’t know what to do, define escalation points to your live agents.

3. Regularly optimize and analyze

Get detailed reports and analyses to show you how often users interact with your chatbot, when users left the chat, which questions didn’t yield a satisfying answer and how the user arrived at the right solution. Quickly see what content you still need to supplement or optimize and where an additional branch of dialog might prove useful. Update your content in a matter of seconds using the central editing system.

Voicebots - The Voice of the Future!

Unlike traditional chatbots, Voicebots take interaction to the next level by enabling human-like conversations in natural language. With the ability to respond to spoken requests, Voicebots add a personal touch to digital communication. This intelligent technology opens up a world of new possibilities and revolutionizes the way we interact with technology.


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