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Exceptional service calls for exceptional knowledge

Positive service experiences make all the difference. Whether you work in customer service, IT, HR, or elsewhere within your organization, it’s critical to maintain a single source of truth.

Knowledge Management lets you deliver impressive service to customers, prospects, and employees by ensuring everyone gets the accurate and up-to-date information they need – when, where and how they need it.

The USU predictive knowledge management solutions takes a holistic view of your service to establish intelligent knowledge management across all departments, functions, and communication channels. This lets you reach your service KPIs more efficiently and increase overall satisfaction.

Solve today’s dynamic workplace challenges with modern KM strategies.

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Knowledge Management Delivers Results

70 % Fewer documents

80 % Faster training time

40 % Higher first contact resolution rate

The Leading Knowledge Management System

Get an integrated knowledge management solution built to meet your needs:

Knowledge Management for IT

Professional knowledge management for IT services

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USU Knowledge Center

Knowledge Management for Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service in every channel

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KM Dashboard

Knowledge Management for Enterprise Services

Intelligently deliver knowledge throughout your company

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USU Knowledge Center


Faster, more personal, and more efficient service

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Virtual Assistants

Meet your new team of digital service agents: Alexa, Siri and Google Home

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Professional Services

Harness the full potential of your knowledge management solution

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USU Knowledge Center

USU Knowledge Management for the automotive industry

USU has a long history supporting the automotive industry, be it drivers, manufacturers and suppliers, dealers, or mechanics. The biggest names in the industry manage their knowledge with our solution. Learn how they’ve integrated USU Knowledge Management in their support strategy and lowered costs while increasing service quality.

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USU Knowledge Management for Automotive

Quickly and easily integrate with the leading service platforms

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

There are a wide range of direct and indirect benefits to introducing KMS in your organization. These include:

Higher First Call Resolution Rate

Faster search, centralized data and decision trees mean more calls are solved the first time.

Shorter Handling Times

With predictive search, interactive troubleshooting and one place to look, agents can resolve issues faster.

Shorter Training & Onboarding

Built-in e-learning means agents can train where they work, learning both the tool and content simultaneously reducing onboarding by days and even weeks.

Provide Easy International Support

Multilingual and multi-market support make international service a breeze.

Simpler Channel Management

With all your service channels connected to a single source of truth, you can manage them in one place with no duplicate effort.

Continual Service Improvement

Advanced analytics help identify search and issue trends, find content gaps and ensure self-service for the most frequent issues.

Knowledge Management Benefits by Role


Knowledge Management for Customers & End Users
  • Consistent, quality customer support in every channel
  • Problems resolved faster
  • Accurate and current information
  • Fewer transferred calls

Service Agents

Knowledge Management for Service Agents
  • Find information as easily as a Google search
  • One source of information
  • Guided chats for easy and consistent service
  • Built-in e-learning for better training


Knowledge Management for Editors
  • Create custom workflows
  • Custom-built approval processes
  • Create guided chats and scripts
  • Tackle complex topics easily like a flowchart in Powerpoint


Knowledge Management for Managers
  • Ensure consistent service from all agents
  • Centrally manage scripts and guides
  • Faster onboarding for new agents
  • Custom Reports

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