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Boost knowledge access with our AI-driven platform that merges multiple sources into one, ensuring dynamic content and actionable insights are readily available.

GenAI: As powerful as its knowledge base.

In a rapidly changing world, excellent customer service is critical to business success. The introduction of generative AI (GenAI), such as ChatGPT, has revolutionized customer service, and its success is based on qualitative data. A knowledge base is essential to this by providing the necessary database for efficient and high-quality AI services.

At USU, we have recognized this and integrated our virtual assistant "KAI" into USU Knowledge Management. This allows us to combine technology and human expertise in a harmonious way.


KAI provides support in these areas

Editors & Agents

  • Answering user queries
  • Revising/rewriting documents
  • Translations
  • Execution of services

Quality Manager

  • Identification of quality problems
  • Management of QA tasks


  • Integration of external data sources
  • External AI-based search functions
  • Quality optimization of external RAG concepts


  • Support with problem solving
  • Management of workflows
  • Management of authorizations
  • Creation of reports

Talent Developer

  • Creation of tests
  • Preparation of coaching sessions
  • Implementation of tests
In recent years, we have been able to successively optimize the way in which knowledge is developed and processed with the help of our strategic technology partner USU. We have consistently synchronized complex service knowledge and our processes - everyone benefits from this today: not only the service teams in the boutiques and call centers, but also the service technicians on site, and especially our customers.
Patrizia Ledermann-Gerosa, Content & Knowledge Management Expert - Nespresso Germany GmbH

Why USU Knowledge Management?

We lead to knowledge, not just to search

Knowledge will be provided on-demand and in the right format exactly at the point in the process where it is needed, even partially automated, without the need for manual searching.

We manage knowledge, not just documents

Presented in digestible, reusable, and straightforward knowledge blocks, knowledge access becomes easy, and the response cost-effective. This saves agents and their companies time and expenses.

We deliver high-quality knowledge, not just information

We prioritize top-notch knowledge management. User-friendly process creation includes quality assurance, auditability, departmental collaboration, reminders, and targeted delivery, demonstrating our commitment to knowledge quality and service.

We have a multi-bot architecture, not just a chatbot

Through our unique Chatbot Universe, we pave the way to the future, enabling diverse use cases and providing a framework that allows content utilization in the innovative AI environment using generative AI, such as ChatGPT.

We create the foundation for your competitive advantage, not just another tool

We offer essential data, custom analyses, and tailored guidance for improved service through knowledge management. With 30 years of experience, we optimize across industries to enable excellent service for you.

We shape the work of tomorrow, not just the knowledge

Through USU Knowledge Management and ChatGPT, comprehensive knowledge utilization is enabled. Generative AI powers the USU knowledge database for both humans and machines, revolutionizing access to knowledge.

Knowledge Management Delivers Results

70 % Fewer documents

80 % Faster training time

40 % Higher first contact resolution rate

Key-Features USU Knowledge Management

Top features for first-class customer service: Get to know the most important features in detail here and gain important insights through a comparison of manufacturers.

Self-learning, semantic and AI-assisted searches

Thanks to self-learning, semantic, and AI-supported search, users can effortlessly find and share information.

Guided dialogs

Through targeted follow-up questions, users are guided to the desired answer or the solution to a problem. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

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Adjustable workflows and user interfaces

Frequently needed information or current news is something you don't want to search for but have direct access to. Therefore, USU Knowledge Management allows for the flexible assembly of user interfaces through drag and drop.

Multi-channel use (e.g. chatbots)

USU Knowledge Management enables integration into various process systems such as Salesforce and USU IT Service Management. Additionally, there is the option to integrate a chatbot into corporate and customer portals. With the Chatbot Universe (USU Multi-Bot Architecture), the administration of multiple topic-specific bots is facilitated, as well as the integration of external bots such as ChatGPT.

Graphic decision trees

Guided dialogues lead users through a series of questions step by step in the process. The progress and diagnosis are tracked within the system and can be automatically transferred to other systems.

Predefined industry knowledge

Available knowledge across various industries provides a broad foundation for quick access to specifically needed information. This accelerates information management and search, enhances efficiency, and requires regular updates to remain competitive.

Integration in your current ITSM, CRM or collaboration system: Seamless. Simple. Cross platform.

USU Knowledge Management was developed to bring knowledge to people, whenever and wherever they need it. This is why the USU Knowledge Management has a range of interfaces which allow it to be integrated with software from third-party providers. Find out here how you can integrate USU Knowledge Management into your current customer service CRM software.

Knowledge Database

Knowledge at a click

The right knowledge, at the right time, in the right place in the process.


Help around the clock

Our Knowledge Management Chatbot is Powered by ChatGPT, Allowing for seamless internal and external customer service interactions.

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Insights at the touch of a button

Valuable insights and trends in queries, search performance, content gaps and much more.

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Professional Services

Experience by your side

Our qualified team of consultants accompanies and supports you in all project phases.

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USU Knowledge Management: Simplifying Knowledge Supply in Service.

Stand out from your competition!

With USU Knowledge Management, a leading modular software for knowledge management in customer service, you can provide outstanding customer service. The software consolidates all essential information, processes, and knowledge in one place, allowing you to make high-quality knowledge easily accessible, regardless of language or role, and in real-time.

Moreover, the software can be easily tailored to your requirements without the need for programming skills (using a no-code/low-code approach).

USU Knowledge Management is integratable into:

  • Websites
  • Chatbots
  • Partner companies
  • Internal and external portals

USU customer reviews: First-hand feedback

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"It is not only an obligation, but also part of our self-image to support customers quickly, effectively and individually in the event of a breakdown. Together with our long-standing technology partner USU, we have succeeded in implementing a knowledge-based system that meets the highest standards."

Daniel Beck, AUDI AG

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Nespresso USU
Nespresso USU

Nespresso Germany

"In recent years, we have been able to successively optimize the way in which knowledge is developed and processed with the help of our strategic technology partner USU. We have consistently synchronized complex service knowledge and our processes."

Patrizia Ledermann-Gerosa, Enterprise Support Specialist

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“Increase in closure rates to 87% from 8.4 million cases per year.“

Sonja Lünnemann, R+V Service Center knowledge management consultant

Become part of the USU community

One component of USU Knowledge Management is the Knowledge Community. In our online KnowledgeHub forum you can exchange information with other users on the implementation or application of USU Knowledge Management. In the community you will find...

  • The Info Center – with best practices, use cases, release notes, FAQs and technical documentation
  • The Help Community – for worldwide networking of users from other companies
  • The Market Place – with integration modules and services from the partner network

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