Employee Self-Service

Save Time with Automated, Seamless HR Processes
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The central hub for all in-house services

Needing support isn't fun, but getting quick support can be. Employee self-service allows employees to quickly navigate and complete internal processes such as updating their leave or personnel data to fixing that darn printer that isn't working. Many companies still rely on manual work for their internal Support, making them inefficient, not transparent and simply unsustainable in a work from anywhere environment.

Whether you’re dealing with service requests, incident reports, information, approvals, escalations, or reporting, let Employee Self-Service accelerate processes and reduce your costs across departments from IT, human resources and facility management to finance.

Your benefits

40 % savings through automation

60 % fewer standard requests

100 % happier employees

Reduce Administrative Effort All Round

With all employees using the same enterprise service management system, everyone will benefit such as with:

No more disruptions across interdepartmental service processesIncreased employee productivity No need to store master data redundantly — it’s used in all processes
The costs are spread across multipledepartments.

Full Transparency and More Time to Work

Having both the data they need at their fingertips and the ability to solve their own issues quickly means happier employees get back to work faster. Employees and HR service staff can access and handle HR service processes anytime and anyplace without disruptions.

Integrate our solution with your existing HR software for managing talent, performance, job applications, etc. and retain control over higher-level processes.

Don't Miss out on the Future of HR

Get responses to frequently asked questions automatically — via chatbot, for instance
Access HR services according to authorization level
See the current status of active service requests
Directly chat with the HR department