Knowledge Management for Customer Service The leading knowledge base software for customer service

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Deliver exceptional customer service in every channel

USU predictive Knowledge Management solutions support your customer service team by delivering the tools it needs to serve customers whenever and wherever they need help.

Automatically ensure agents have accurate, up to date and quality-assured content at their fingertips. USU Knowledge Management provides agents with interactive support for guaranteed higher productivity and a better agent and customer experience.

Improve customer & agent experience while reducing operating cost.

Customer service needs

Shorter call-handling times

Increased first contact resolution rate

Consistent service quality across channels

Higher productivity

Lower service costs

Excellent customer experience

How you benefit – Knowledge base software for customer service

70 % fewer documents

80 % shorter training times

40 % higher first contact resolution rate

Analyzing your Operations is as Easy as Pie Charts

Know your service, inside and out with detailed analytics and reports on engagement metrics, search patterns and insights to improve agent and content performance. Off-the-shelf reports deliver actionable insights for knowledge managers to identify content gaps, inquiry trends and search performance. Better plan your staffing requirements, training needs and uncover new opportunities for improvement.

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KM Dashboard

Knowledge Management Analytics

Our KM analytics tool enables you to reduce operating costs and improve performance in a variety of ways such as:

Understand how effective your knowledge base is
Identify peak inquiry times
Discover bottlenecks in your processes
Gain insight into least and most used search terms
Find searches with no results and identify content gaps
Gamify employee content contributions and feedback

Selected features

Dynamic AI-powered search

Get automatically generated overviews to intuitively find all relevant information about a subject so you quickly find the right document or correct response.

Decision trees

Interactive, step-by-step guidance to the right solution. Create one process and deploy it to your agents, self-service and chatbots.

Intuitive editor

Our flexible block-based editor features includes an intelligent approval processes allow editors to easily create new articles as well as automatically flagging existing ones for review so nothing falls through the cracks.


Integrated e-learning is a quick and easy tool for training new employees in the office or remotely and providing them information about new content. Reduce onboarding and training times while increasing user adoption.

Multilingual Ready

Easily and clearly provide knowledge in the languages you need. Using country or market specific workflows, create content as uniformly as possible yet as individually as needed.

Dedicated media server

Easily serve and stream large data files, such as videos, images, or PDFs, with an integrated multimedia server. Forget third party hosting or bulky files that slow down your KM system.

Give your customers the omnichannel experience they expect


Chatbots answer service questions quickly, personally, and around the clock. They improve the customer experience and accelerate automation.

Customer Self-service

Taking a context-sensitive approach to providing dynamic service FAQs on your website significantly reduces frequent calls.

Virtual Assistants

Serve your customers comfortably via virtual assistants like Alexa.

Benefits for your Support Team & Customers


USU IT Service Management
  • The right information in the right context delivered for each inquiry
  • Wizards interactively guide support staff
  • Innovative features help keep knowledge up to date
  • Intelligent references — for example, to frequently used solutions
  • Agent assistance to help your staff


Knowledge Management for Editors
  • Quick and easy document creation using templates
  • Personal task area with automatic notifications
  • Less effort to maintain documents
  • Secure archiving and versioning of documents


Knowledge Management for Managers
  • Predefined standard reports
  • Informative evaluations
  • Easily customizable to reflect your internal workflows and processes


USU IT Self Service Chatbot
  • Quick and easy help in response to questions and problems
  • Support in their preferred channel: website and more
  • Streamlined ticket creation if a suitable answer is not found
  • Web self-service

Integration into ITSM, CRM, or collaboration systems: Fast and easy.

USU Knowledge Management offers a variety of interfaces that allow integration with third-party software.

Quick access to knowledge is especially important for service employees who need to respond promptly and accurately to questions or issues from customers and users.

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