IT Self-Service Set your teams up for success

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Reduce your IT tickets by up to 20 %

Deliver rapid, reliable and on-demand IT support. With a suite of IT Self-Service tools, you can accelerate service processes, increase user satisfaction and accomplish more with the same staff level. A comprehensive and omnichannel set of self-service opportunities supports your employees quickly and directly to solve their issues and keep your business performing. Create robust services and combine IT Self-Service with USU IT Service Management and other ITSM or help desk tools.

USU IT Self-Service Management - Self-Service

Your Benefits

20 % fewer tickets

30 % greater automation

90 % increase in ticket processing speed

Selected Features

Ordering and Fulfilling IT Services

  • Display available services in your service shop
  • Order IT services
  • Track order/ticket status

Reporting and Resolving IT Incidents

  • Automatically displays known disruptions
  • Proactively alerts users about disruptions
  • Send tickets to the service desk with one click


  • Automatically displays known workarounds from the knowledge base
  • Navigates users to the solution using active documents and decision trees
  • Automatically collects client data to diagnose problems

Answers to General Questions

  • Searches for operating manuals, printer locations and the like
  • Automatically searches your knowledge base to ensure no request returns empty results


  • Automatically responds to common inquiries
  • Transfers chat history to a ticket

Tap into virtually unlimited integration options

Self-service systems augment a broad range of software solutions. Simply integrate USU’s solution into your existing systems through a service connector — such as a knowledge base , incident-management or service-request portal — to give your users a single interface to access to a heterogeneous IT landscape.

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