Enterprise Knowledge Management Drive your success with a predictive enterprise knowledge base

Enterprise Knowledge Management

Deliver Employee Support Anywhere

Enable every employee, customer, and partner to access the answers they need, whether in the office, in the field, or working remotely. USU Knowledge Management makes your organization’s information accessible anywhere from a single source of truth. Keep your teams aligned, informed, and engaged. Find what you need when you need it.

Enterprise knowledge management increases productivity and improves collaboration across today's hybrid and decentralized workforce. Connect everyone to the knowledge they need to make their team and the entire organization successful.

Knowledge is critical to achieving success with accelerating digitalization. Challenges such as staff turnover and the resulting loss of institutional knowledge lead to inconsistent information, unhappy employees and customers, and frustrated agents.

As the pace of information change increases, so do knowledge gaps and duplicate, contradictory data. Getting the right answers on-demand will lead to both time and cost savings.

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USU Knowledge Center

A single source of truth

Our predictive internal knowledge base gives you centralized, role-based access to all quality-assured, current information in your organization whenever and wherever you need it. Your teams will save time, easily share information and benefit from faster onboarding and training.

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Internal knowledge management use cases

Accurate, on-demand knowledge is critical to a variety of business areas outside of classic service-oriented use cases and delivers value to Human Resources, Product Management and more.

USU Knowledge Management for Enterprises


80 % faster onboarding

25 % higher first contact resolution rate

80 % fewer documents

Analyzing your Service is as Easy as Pie Charts

Know your service, inside and out with detailed analytics and reports on engagement metrics, search patterns and insights to improve employee and content performance. User-friendly reports deliver actionable insights for knowledge managers to identify content gaps, trends, and self-service opportunities. Build custom reports or create your own with our flexible report builder.

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KM Dashboard

Selected features

AI-powered Dynamic Search

Get automatically generated overviews to intuitively find all relevant information about a subject so you quickly find the right document or correct response.

Decision Trees

Save time with interactive, step-by-step troubleshooting guides. Create one process and deploy it to multiple channels like virtual assistants, self-service and chatbots via an internal knowledge base.

Intuitive Editor

Our modern block-based editor features intelligent approval processes allowing editors to easily create new articles and be automatically notified when existing ones need review.


Integrated e-learning is a quick and easy tool for onboarding new employees in the office or remotely and providing them information about new content. Reduce training time while increasing user adoption and engagement.

Multilingual Ready

Easily and clearly provide knowledge and information in the languages you need: Using country or market specific workflows, create content as uniformly as possible yet as individually as needed.

Built for Multimedia Content

Easily serve and stream large data volumes, such as videos, images, or PDFs, with an integrated multimedia server in your knowledge management system.

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