IT Asset Management (ITAM) Manage your IT assets over their entire lifecycle

USU IT Asset Management

Dig into all your IT assets

Dig deep into the IT assets used at your company with IT Asset Management. The solution supports both hardware and software, virtual or physical assets, on-premises or in the cloud.

For each asset, IT Asset Management contains business information such as product, item, procurement and maintenance contracts and costs; technical data such as type of asset, inventory number, and tickets relating to the incident, problem, or change management; and organizational data including the people responsible for each asset or who use the asset.

The solution also archives changes to this data over the course of the asset’s lifecycle for audit purposes.

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Keep up with assets throughout their lives

Use IT Asset Management for managing your company’s IT assets throughout their entire lifecycles. The solution automatically inventories new assets along with their commercial and technical data through procurement or provisioning processes, by importing discovery and inventory scanner data, or by importing data from third-party systems.

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Further use of the assets is managed through IMAC — short for install, move, add, change — processes. These range from assignment of an asset to those responsible for it and to users and cost centers within the organization to modifications that occur during change and configuration management processes.

To ensure the data from IT Asset Management is correct, a regular comparison with the actual data from discovery and inventory scanners can be performed.

IT Change & Configuration Management (CMDB)
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Efficiently monitor and procure your service assets

IT Asset Management automatically monitors your current stock level and triggers procurement of new assets as needed. The procurement process supports combined orders, obtains approval, triggers the purchasing process through an interface with the ERP system if necessary, posts the receipt of goods, checks invoices, and makes payments. Adjust the solution’s configurable product catalogs so only assets that meet your governance guidelines are procured.

Centrally manage your suppliers and contracts

Centrally manage your suppliers and contracts with IT Asset Management. Have ready access to all standard contract types — including purchase, rental, and leasing agreements — as well as supplementary contracts — including maintenance, framework, and service agreements as well as order contracts.

The system automatically triggers payment transactions through an interface with your ERP system and reminds you of expiring maintenance contracts and cancellation periods.

The solution also classifies suppliers according to configurable criteria such as order volume, delivery quality, and default risk as well as conducts time-controlled auditing processes to continuously evaluate and monitor supplier performance.

IT Asset Management - IT Asset Supplier & Contract Management

Secure software compliance and optimize license costs

Integrate our USU Software Asset Management solution and be sure the volume of software assets you use complies with the applicable license agreements — no over- or under-licensing!

This solution also automatically recognizes if and which software licenses in your company are currently going unused and reharvests licenses by passing on released licenses to the next applicant.

It does this not only with such on-premises software as Microsoft Windows and Adobe, but also with such cloud solutions as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

When you use public cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, Software Asset Management implements the bring-your-own license model.

You avoid unnecessary license costs by using software licenses you’ve already purchased.

USU Software Asset Management
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