USU Managed Software

Managed Software - Eliminates Resource Bottlenecks

Software-as-a-Service relieves the burden on your IT. However, managed software goes much further. For example, it manages e. g., the maintenance of data and content, the monitoring of interfaces or the setup of users, roles and access rights. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and use resources in a way that adds value.
USU Managed Software

USU delivers results, not just software

Are you looking to focus even more on your core business? While getting the most out of your IT in the process? Then take advantage of managed software services from USU. We offer customized Managed Services for each of our software solutions. As a result, we deliver not just software, but ready-made solutions for your successful business operations.

Managed software - better support with less complexity

70 % Reduced effort

80 % Shorter processing times

30 % Lower costs

Trends Managed SAM

Managed services in Software Asset Management

New software products are constantly being introduced. Manufacturers' license metrics are constantly changing, as is the hardware used in business. To ensure that your license compliance is always guaranteed and that you can both reliably and promptly identify your cost optimization potential, USU manages all ongoing maintenance tasks.
USU IT Service Management

Managed Services in IT & Enterprise Service Management

IT & enterprise service management tools are usually connected to numerous third-party systems. Corresponding interfaces must be continually monitored. Customizing offers a high degree of flexibility, but also the risk of making functions too complex. USU manages interface operation and also performs Sanity and Maturity checks to simplify your workload.
Knowledge Management

Managed Services in Knowledge Management

The quality of intellectual property documents is critical to success. They must be complete, up-to-date, technically correct, well-structured, consistent and adapted to the needs of the user group. USU offers a range of editing services to relieve you of this time-consuming work in maintaining your intellectual property.
USU Digital Process Automation

Managed Services for Your Customized Software

For many areas of application, there is no suitable standard software, and the only option is individual development. However, USU's services go beyond pure development. We adopt all application management tasks: Operation, maintenance, user support including change management and further development for your individual solutions.