How to Minimize Service Costs

The effort spent per IT ticket is an important indicator for the efficiency of a service desk. Analysts say that ticket costs in first-level support amount to 15 Euro on average – costs that need to be reduced. An important lever is integrated central monitoring. Upstream ticket correlation ensures that a ticket system receives only correlated service messages enriched with information from the monitoring tool. Not only does this reduce the number of tickets by at least one third – the ticket quality will also increase considerably. More detailed information is described in the current white paper named "Ticket Correlation for Minimizing Number of Tickets" by the USU subsidiary LeuTek; the paper can be downloaded free of charge.

Central Monitoring for Fast Amortization

Generally, tickets are generated by an end user or directly by a monitoring system. Any relations between tickets are often not recognized immediately. It is therefore decisive for effective incident management that those tickets are identified automatically that are redundant or may have the same cause. This is supported by event or ticket correlation which describes the relation between events and required internal interventions or required error messages. Intelligent ticket correlation has allowed to reduce the daily number to be processed e.g. from 400 to approx. 150 tickets per day in an Austrian IT company in an automated manner. This has saved service costs amounting to a six-digit sum annually.