Hungarian railway company successfully relies on USU Software Asset Management

The Hungarian railway company MÁV-Volán has successfully implemented a project for the financial management of its company-wide software licenses with the USU Software Asset Management solution. The primary goal was to achieve cost transparency of their software use, especially for major manufacturers such as IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, VMWare and Oracle.

Establishing a professional global centralized system guarantees the minimization of legal risks, financial risks, and software costs. The implementation was done by LicenseCore Zrt, USU's Hungarian partner for software asset management (SAM).

In the first step of the project, the SAM experts determined the software installed on all clients and servers. In a second step, the inventory data was loaded and processed in the USU license management system.

“On a daily basis, we clearly see the license compliance of the MÁV Group for our large manufacturers. The data in the system is a great help in a possible manufacturer audit, and we can optimize our short and long-term license costs”, said András Vidra, General Director of IT and Technology Systems at MÁV-Volán Group.