USU Expands Cooperation with French Banking Group on Software License Management

An international banking group headquartered in Paris (“the customer”) is intensifying its cooperation with USU in order to optimize its global software asset management (SAM).

The current contract covers the acquisition of additional licenses for the group-wide use of USU software asset management and a supplementary service package. The USU solution allows customers to lower their software license costs by up to 30 percent. The master agreement has an initial term of five years and a total volume worth a seven-digit euro amount.

In addition to the performance of the technology, the main factor behind the expansion of the cooperation was the ease of integration into the existing complex infrastructure and the customer’s good experiences with using the tool and working with USU’s SAM experts.

“I am delighted that we have been able to extend the partnership with our customer so that we can actively support the cost-effective use of its group-wide software,” said Eléonore Varet, Managing Director of USU SAS.