USU Expands Scope of Work with European Automotive Group in SAP License Management

To optimize its international software asset management (SAM), a European automotive manufacturer ("the customer") is expanding its scope of work with USU. A SaaS framework agreement, initially running through 2023, will supplement the customer’s existing use of USU Software Asset Management with SAP license optimization, helping them achieve the best possible license utilization for their complete SAP portfolio. The goal is to save costs proactively in addition to ensuring compliance. The anticipated savings potential is up to 30% of annual software costs.

Like many companies, the client currently uses an SAP Single Metric Agreement as a framework contract for group-wide SAP use and is faced with the challenge of deciding whether a classic "Named User Licensing" is more cost-effective. In many cases, licensing specifically adapted to individual needs has significant cost advantages over an "all-inclusive enterprise contract." The customer will use the USU Software Asset Management solution to simulate various scenarios in the coming weeks, with conclusive results on the best licensing model available by the end of September.

"I am personally very pleased that we are continuing to expand our cooperation and not only helping our long-standing customer to ensure SAM compliance but also actively supporting it in reducing software costs. The economical use of software is crucial in these difficult times," says Achim Rudolph, Managing Director of USU Technologies GmbH.