USU gains French tourism group as new customer for software asset management

An international tourism group (“the customer”) has opted for extensive USU services in the field of software asset management (SAM) in order to optimize the use of software throughout the group. The master agreement for managed services on the basis of USU’s software asset management solution has an initial term of 36 months.

The provision and consolidation of complex licensing data previously involved various source systems and time-consuming manual processes, which is why the customer was keen to find a professional service solution covering key software manufacturers like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, VMWare, and IBM. As well as ensuring transparency with regard to compliance, the aim is to achieve significant cost savings through the needs-based use of software.

“We are delighted to have gained the trust of another high-profile customer in the area of software asset management and are confident that our tool-aided managed services will deliver real value added,” said Eléonore Varet, Managing Director of USU SAS.