USU integrates ChatGPT into its bot network

USU is enabling the practical deployment of ChatGPT in customer service contexts. The applications innovator for chatbots is integrating the AI-based language model into its own chatbot network, USU Bot Universe. Considered to be unique by market analysts, USU’s technology concept combines a number of different specialist chatbots in order to meet even complex customer service requirements.

USU chatbots draw upon content from a knowledge database, narrow down topics by asking questions, and deliver quality-assured responses on this basis. They can even actively perform functions such as diagnostics or making reservations. Integration with ChatGPT bots will expand the available use cases and offer real value added for tasks such as text classification and text generation for less critical topics.

USU’s multi-bot concept divides chatbots into two roles: expert bots and the lead bot. Expert bots deliver information on specialist topics while the lead bot acts as a host, directing the user to the right expert bot for their request. While USU chatbots are used to handle critical issues, diagnostics and active service execution, ChatGPT’s strengths lie in generating text about carefully defined topics and consistent content, such as opening hours, specific premises, etc. Other conceivable use cases include generating ideas and suggestions for advertising slogans, which a manufacturer of promotional products could offer as a service, or automatically connecting users to specific contact persons.

“We believe large-scale language models such as ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize customer service. Our technologies give us exactly the building blocks we need to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT in order to expand our diagnostics and service bots. This way, we are combining the benefits of the different technologies to create a flexible and extremely powerful comprehensive solution,” commented Harald Huber, CTO and Managing Director of USU.