USU Launches New Release for Knowledge Management

USU is thrilled to announce the latest release of its predictive knowledge management software, Knowledge Center. USU Knowledge Management Version 7.2 highlights include an upgraded user interface, streamlined editor, advanced analytics and AI-powered automatic document tagging. New features are designed to further improve the agent experience, making it easier than ever to create, find and deliver support information to customers. The user interface was modernized with USU’s new branding, while customers may choose to customize using their own corporate branding.

Dynamic Content Creation, Delivery Across Channels & Devices

Knowledge Center’s new block-based document editor enables users to mix static and dynamic content, adding conditions for when and how data should appear. This was developed in tandem with a new document type called active document. USU Knowledge Management can flexibly structure content and define what information is displayed and how, based on the type of communication channel, context, and device type. This enables editors to use fewer documents and consolidate support data further. Additional capabilities to use off-the-shelf industry-specific templates such as insurance, automotive, energy, make it easier than ever to offer consolidated, accurate, global-friendly customer service whatever the channel and market.

Know Your Service Inside & Out with Enhanced Analytics

Robust knowledge management analytics for interaction metrics, search patterns and more provide organizations with valuable data to tailor services to agent and customer needs. With the enhanced analytics module, service teams gain concrete insights through individual dashboards and reports to identify content gaps, request trends, content timeliness, search performance, or peak times. This not supports plan staffing or training needs, but also helps manage service offerings and improve agent performance.

“With Knowledge Center 7.2, we step into the global spotlight, delivering an end-to-end leading knowledge management and best-of-breed solution for omnichannel customer service”, says Sven Kolb, Managing Director at USU.

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