USU IT & Service Monitoring (ZIS)

Get a comprehensive, centralized view of your IT and IT services with a single solution

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The ZIS IT & Service Monitoring solution from USU offers you a highly automated  and fully integrated monitoring platform to completely and efficiently monitor and manage your hybrid system landscape, services, and processes.

Overview of USU IT & Service Monitoring (ZIS)

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fewer disruptions
better performance
lower IT costs

Why USU IT & Service Monitoring

Modular monitoring solution for lower operating costs

German quality made in Germany

Centralized view of IT infrastructures and services

Highly automated and fully capable of completing updates

Well-designed and proven event, ticket, and service correlation

Informative dashboards, thorough analyses, and comprehensive reports

Fully integrated alerts

Certified IT monitoring

PinkVerify USU IT Service Management

Certified monitoring "made in Germany"

USU IT & Service Monitoring has been certified in all 16 ITILยฎ disciplines. Our solution has been given PinkVerify โ„ข certification for Event Management, Availability Management and Capacity Management. This ensures a standardized and service-oriented IT service management.


Serview Certified Tool

On the basis of over 600 assessment criteria, SERVIEW has certified our solution as a CERTIFIEDTOOL in the following disciplines:

  • Service Level Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Event Management
  • Service Reporting

USU Professional Services
Expert insights from the people who created the solution

Our IT & Service Monitoring solution is ideal for your automated monitoring needs. Our monitoring experts have many years of comprehensive project experience, so we take a real-world approach to implementing your system and in training your employees how to use it. Master the tool quickly, and get the most out of your investment. 

Operational support

As your monitoring experts, we provide comprehensive support for your ZIS solution or special monitoring subtasks โ€” from monitoring systems to providing support for new projects and securing staffing resources and expertise.

USU Software Asset Management Professional Training


Get more out of your tools! Train with professionals to learn how to get more value from your tools. We tailor our courses to meet your needs! 

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Gartner Report: Build the Right Justification for Moving to the Cloud