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Many Benefits Unified. Within one Universe
USU Chatbot Universe

Chatbot Universe: Strong on its own. Together unbeatable.

In accordance with this principle, multiple connected chatbots work as a team on complex tasks. With the Bot Universe, USU, a leading provider of IT and customer service solutions, offers a unique chatbot ecosystem that explores new possible uses for chatbots. A single chatbot can only cover limited functions. With an intelligent and flexible combination of chatbots in a Bot Universe, a more comprehensive customer service now becomes significantly more efficient. In the assessment of one of the leading analyst firms, so far that approach is unique worldwide.

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No special knowledge required

The Bot Universe doesn’t require any coding skills or development expertise. Simple adjustments can be carried out independently, thus generating significant cost savings.

Minimal repairs and maintenance

All the bots in the Universe operate independently of each other and can also be maintained separately. This makes supervision and regular maintenance easy for agents.

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Simple on-off switching of expert bots

Since all bots function independently of each other, they can be switched on or off in the event of downtime, maintenance or a technical malfunction, with no effect on the Universe. This also means content editing is possible without interfering with other bots.

Expandable on demand

With integrated APIs, as many bots as needed can be integrated. This means the number of bots in the Universe can be easily expanded..

Simple integration of additional bots

As many bots as needed can be integrated into the Universe. In this case, it is irrelevant whether the bots use the same technology or if they are third-party bots. In the background, they are all managed on one single interface.

Thriving in a Chatbot Universe

Benefit from simplified editing, reduced maintenance and easy integration of additional bots. Uses of AI and AI applications assist in the bot universe.

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