Aspera is now USU

Elevate Your Software Strategy: Leverage USU's Unified SAM Solution for Cost-efficient Licensing and Risk Mitigation
USU Software Asset Management Product Release

Effortless IT and Software Asset Management Consolidated Under One Roof.

Since the inception of 2021, the renowned specialist in software asset management (SAM) tools and services, Aspera, has seamlessly transitioned to the global USU brand, heralding a new era in IT asset management.
The enduring legacy and excellence of Aspera's product and solution portfolio, including SmartTrack, thrive within USU Software Asset Management.

This transition ensures ongoing development and innovation, empowering customers with an integrated, modular, and tailored consulting and technology suite, all from a single, reliable source. This marks a pivotal step towards comprehensive IT asset management.
After all, USU stands as the foremost global software and service provider, catering to IT and customer service solutions worldwide.

Join us on this transformative journey towards optimized software and IT strategies, underpinned by unparalleled service delivery.

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Asper is now USU

USU Has You Covered

License Management (SmartTrack)

Simplify software and cloud licensing, cut costs, reduce complexity.


Transform software inventory and cloud data into strategic assets.

Oracle Optimization

Streamline Oracle licensing, lower costs, and enhance contracts.

Optimization for SAP®

Trim SAP expenses, maintain compliance effortlessly.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Maximize value with thorough cloud consumption analysis

SaaS Optimization

Forge a cost-effective path through complex subscription models

Software Asset Management Services

SAM services designed around you

Optimization for Engineering Software

The key to optimizing and allocating license costs for your Engineering Software

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