Aspera License Management solution receives SAP NetWeaver certification

Aspera, a leading provider of solutions and services for Software Asset Management (SAM), and part of the USU Group, today announced that LicenseControl for SAP® has been confirmed by SAP SE that our interface software has been certified for unse on SAP NetWeaver®.

The certification enables a faster integration of LicenseControl for SAP in SAP environments. Customers benefit from an improved interoperability and supportability of the certified solution with the ABAP Add-On Deployment. A certified program occupies its own Name-Space on an SAP platform, with separate code and data that is checked against SAP’s rules for compliance to ensure it runs safely and effectively. “This certification is a technical one, but an important one,” said Myrja Schumacher, product manager for LicenseControl for SAP®. “Some of our customers invest considerable time and effort into their SAP systems. LicenseControl has passed all of SAP’s tests with flying colours, so it can work alongside these SAP systems.”

Certified-solution providers must put their solution integration through stringent qualification procedures to earn this designation. Then the SAP Integration and Certification Center tests the SAP-endorsed integration technologies before awarding SAP-certified status. While the product functionality is not certified by SAP, LicenseControl for SAP® recently earned the ITAM Review’s SAP License Management Tools Certification. The solutions’ SAP license management features was independently verified through two onsite customer visits, which revealed that a significant ROI and ongoing savings were delivered.

“SAP customers running LicenseControl can confidently use the solution on the SAP platform, knowing that its SAP license management functionality has been independently verified,” Myrja Schumacher said.

LicenseControl for SAP® helps customers pay for only the licenses they need. The solution finds cost efficiencies, automates license optimization, and simulates SAP’s audit tools – creating an averaged 10% in savings and more in cost avoidance. It also prepares customers for SAP’s future, simulating the cost of Digital Access’ document licenses and forecasting the costs of an S/4HANA migration.