French distribution company is new USU customer for software license management

A French company ("the customer") has opted for software and services from USU SAS to optimize its group-wide software asset management (SAM). The global distribution company for the construction and industrial sectors wants to gain a cost-transparent overview of its own complex software licensing landscape, ensure compliance and minimize the risks associated with audits by major software vendors.

In the future, USU Software Asset Management will be used in particular to review software contracts and licenses from Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle and ensure the best possible economic use - for the customer's own data center and the cloud. As a result, the customer's managers expect significant savings.

In addition to the consulting expertise of USU partner Crayon, the ability of the SAM solution to professionally cover the entire hybrid software landscape with on-premises and cloud use with highly specialized modules for Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft, among others, was a decisive factor in the decision to award the contract to USU Software.

"We are pleased to be able to offer the customer sustainable added value with our SAM solutions. The project is also an important milestone in our strategic partnership with Crayon France," said Eléonore Varet, Managing Director of USU SAS.