Global media group intensifies cooperation with USU on software license management

One of the world’s leading media groups (“the customer”) is intensifying its cooperation with USU as the technology partner for its company-wide software asset management (SAM).

Based on its positive experiences, the customer has acquired additional licenses from USU software asset management. The current SaaS contract has been expanded significantly and extended by another five years. It has a total volume in the mid-seven-digit range. The extensive services are handled by the USU partner Anglepoint, one of the leading providers of SAM and technology asset management services for Global 2000 companies.

The customer works with all major software providers and hundreds of smaller manufacturers. Thousands of different software programs are used. The complex hybrid infrastructure includes tens of thousands of physical and virtual servers on different platforms on site as well as virtual instances in Azure and Amazon cloud environments all around the world. USU software asset management primarily optimizes the cost-transparent use of the 20 biggest software manufacturers.

“I am delighted that we enjoy the long-term trust of our customer as its strategic partner and can measurably support the cost-effective use of its group-wide software,” says USU Managing Director Sven Kolb.