Türk Telekom minimizes software license costs with USU solution

• Over 10x ROI within three years
• Time required for three audits cut from more than 100 to six working days

The implementation of USU software asset management has generated numerous measurable benefits for the leading Turkish telecommunications provider, Türk Telekom, in the area of software license management (SAM).

As part of the integration of three Group companies, Türk Telekom was faced with the challenge of making its extensive software asset portfolio transparent then consolidating and standardizing it. The project was designed for more than 20,000 clients and around 12,000 servers. The 1,600 license records from around 140 providers were inventoried and cataloged with the help of the USU software asset management solution. MOS Academy, one of Turkey’s leading SAM tool service providers, was closely involved in technological implementation and project realization. An extensive case study is available free of charge.

“Once the SAM system was fully set up, we quickly observed significant improvements in our processes in preparation for successful software audits. The automated processes enabled us to perform regular budget controls and prepare compliance reports with just a few clicks – tasks that previously required extensive resources and manual work,” says Alaattin Çetin, Technology Governance Group Manager at Türk Telekom.

Thanks to high-quality data and automated processes, Türk Telekom made savings amounting to ten times the cost of the entire SAM project in the space of three years.