Dataport: Safe Harbor for more than 800 Specialized Procedures

Monitor Security-Critical Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Dataport: Safe harbor for more than 800 specialized procedures

Across all of northern Germany, public agencies rely on Dataport as an information and communications service provider. About 4000 employees at eight locations ensure stable IT infrastructures and services in the German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, and Saxony-Anhalt, for tax administration in the states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Lower Saxony as well as for a municipal IT association. More than 800 specialized procedures run through the redundantly designed Twin Data Center with 8,000 virtual servers and 34,000 virtual processors.

Highest data security and SLAs with up to 99.9% availability

Dataport is responsible for ensuring that all processes in administration, the police and the judiciary run stably and meet the highest data protection and security requirements. The internal infrastructure services must be able to guarantee 99.99% availability, as well as basic services for the police and the services at the 110 and 112 emergency phone numbers. Dataport sends out more than 1,500 SLA reports every month. In order to correspond with the high benchmarks, Dataport has relied for many years on USU IT Monitoring as a security backbone.


Over the years, the use of USU applications in the area of fault management has led to a continuous increase in quality and exceptionally high operational stability – efficient data center operations would be inconceivable without these systems.

Olaf Sengestack, Service Level Management, Dataport

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800 specialized procedures monitored, 20 monitoring tools integrated, 30% fewer tickets


About Dataport


As a service provider for six German states and a municipal IT association, Dataport maintains a complex hybrid IT infrastructure. In addition to the highest data security, the public agency must ensure availability of up to 99.99%.


USU IT Monitoring has comprehensively monitored the IT infrastructure for years. The range of services includes not only umbrella monitoring and service monitoring, but also event processing and alarm management.


With a central, consolidated view of availability and performance of the infrastructure components, Dataport guarantees high SLAs (service level agreements). The number of tickets dropped by an average of 30 percent, and the end-to-end monitoring guarantees service for citizens at the highest level.

All performance data at a glance

With the powerful solutions portfolio, the public agency centrally monitors the entire hybrid IT infrastructure. It consists of various operating system platforms such as IBM Mainframe, Linux, Windows Server, and BS2000 because the Dataport customers operate heterogeneous systems and services. In addition, the IT service provider offers a range of cloud services such as a development environment with flexible accessibility and a fully automatic cloud e-mail service for 100,000 users. For monitoring individual services, it uses more than 20 special monitoring tools. They are all incorporated into the Umbrella and Service Monitoring solution from USU. With it, users can centrally consolidate availability and performance and view the entire organization at any time.

Data Process Dataport

Average of 30% fewer tickets

Differentiated event processing with integrated alarm management not only maximizes availability, but also increases efficiency. With automated error resolution and intelligent malfunction processing, the number of tickets for monitored applications is reduced by an average of 30%. Today they are supplemented with information which saves employee time and enables quick error resolution. Alarm notifications are automated – including through the app – and distributed to some 340 recipients. About 500 events occur monthly, about which the support groups are notified around the clock.

Last but not least: End-to-End Monitoring

Because Dataport customers are ultimately responsible to the users and citizens, end-to-end monitoring plays an important role: Thus, the IT service provider ensures error-free, consistent and high quality applications use on the administration’s end devices. The solution identifies causes of poor performance, for example, using a less suitable browser, and thus contributes to the proof of performance. As part of the overall monitoring package, the analysis from the end user’s point of view supports Dataport in meeting the SLAs. Thanks to the USU portfolio, service providers to public agencies are able to meet the performance promises of: “Digitalization. With security.”

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