Knowledge Management for NICE inContact

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Take Calls, Find Answers & Solve Problems in One System

As soon as your agents take a call or chat, they need to find answers. Stop searching through multiple systems or switching elsewhere to find the solutions to customer questions!

Our seamless inContact integration means your team can effortlessly access and work in both systems. No switching programs or having to search in multiple places! Get the most powerful knowledge management solution inside your NICE inContact platform!

The Most Powerful Combination for your Contact Center

Give customer service agents access to critical support data, when and where they need it — without leaving NICE inContact or opening a new tab.

  • Search & view documents
  • Use editorial features
  • Access dashboards and alerts

Getting Started with Knowledge Center on the CXexchange

  • Visit the CXexchange
  • Login with your credentials
  • Install the the new Knowledge Center app (You'll need the necessary rights)
  • Enjoy your new found powers!

Why Integrate a KM Platform?

Better Customer Communication

  • Answer calls & search in one system
  • Better team collaboration
  • Cloud-based for remote teams

Eliminate Silos for Faster Resolutions

  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Less hold time and searching
  • No information gaps

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