IT Analytics & Process Optimization

Data-driven process optimization in IT Service Management

Comprehensively analyze, monitor, and control your IT

Our IT Analytics & Process Optimization software supports you in displaying, monitoring, and analyzing IT-related key figures. It also provides extensive features for creating role-based dashboard displays and regular reports. The software draws from a data warehouse core and covers the full range of BI features — ETL, real-time cubes, analysis, reporting, and visual depiction. Unlike with conventional BI tools such as SAP BW and Microsoft Power BI, our solution preconfigures all IT-relevant KPIs, which means you don’t face having to carry out the extensive work otherwise common in data warehouse projects.

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Our IT Analytics & Process Optimization solution solution efficiently helps IT managers and process owners to control and optimize the entire IT service value chain with:

  • Role-based, interactive dashboards that provide information on current status
  • Ad hoc analyses using self-service BI that support problem analysis
  • Predefined IT key performance indicators that let you start using the solution right away — without needing a costly, time-consuming BI project
  • Available adapters for rapid integration with numerous data sources
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Always know the status of your IT processes

Our analytics solution keeps you up-to-date anytime, anywhere with preconfigured dashboards that let you view each specific role and all relevant ITIL® processes:

  • Graphical depiction of important IT key performance indicators helps you identify trends and deviations at a glance
  • You can analyze process cycle times and individually defined measurement intervals from process modeling
  • You can identify bottlenecks in process cycles and optimize them
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Uncover hidden potential for optimization with self-service BI

When IT key performance indicators lie outside the specified range, it‘s time to investigate. Our self-service BI feature will help you:

  • Create customized ad hoc analyses and reports on your own by drag and drop
  • Find hidden causes of problems by comparing, clustering, and correlating different data sets
  • Do away with BI and reporting experts — no database knowledge needed
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Create new reports — just drag and drop

Use this analytics solution to easily design and send reports on your own:

  • Compile multiple individual analyses and various presentation forms within a single report by drag and drop
  • Augment report content with your comments and explanations
  • Create detailed reports and analyses for recipients with specific information needs
  • Plan automated delivery of reports at defined times
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Get up and running in no time with preconfigured IT KPIs

Use predefined, out-of-the-box KPIs for your IT service processes. These IT key performance indicators draw from ITIL®, COBIT®, and ISO 20000 best practices and extensive know-how stemming from over 40 years’ experience in ITSM projects.

  • Take advantage of a complete set of tried-and-tested, ITIL®-compliant IT KPIs
  • Get started right away after a rollout of just a few days — without the usual costly, time-consuming BI projects
  • Easily add custom data and key performance indicators to the self-service BI solution later on
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Merge process data from different sources

The self-service BI functionality takes a BI-based approach specifically developed for managing IT services and analyzing IT big data. Benefit from:

  • Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data from any number of sources
  • Storage and historical data preservation in a data warehouse
  • Real-time database using real-time cubes
  • Data processing for analysis and reporting as well as visual depiction
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